Friday, October 30, 2009

Anniversary & Visitors

Whoops, I missed our anniversary yesterday.  No, not our wedding anniversary, but the day that we met - October 29, 1988.  Officially we didn't start dating until October 31st though.  21 years (and one day) we've been together now.  Have I mentioned that I'm 36 ... we've been together since I was 15.  My son is 15 - what the heck????  Though I'm pretty safe in that area.

This was us a few months after we started dating (definite 80s hair):

This afternoon we have a couple of girls from Japan coming to stay with us for the next 5 days.  It's an exchange program at our school that they've been doing for 10 years.  Most people take in just one student, but we have the room so are able to take in 2 girls.

I'm a bit anxious about this and hope that they're going to have a good time.  The weather is supposed to be pretty awful this weekend too - blah!  I'm thinking we'll do some shopping, maybe bowling and/or swimming, take them to watch my son play soccer, and hopeful find something weather friendly to experience a bit of Halloween.

I have our menu planned out (mostly) and tonight we will be having pizza.  But no worries, I've mapped out my day and made adjustments to fit it in.


Syl said...

happy anniversary! You haven't aged a bit my friend :-)

skinny me! said...

Japanese kids are awesome. Don't worry, they will just love even sitting and practicing their english.

Missy said...

Ah happy birthday!! Enjoy your time with the girls - sounds like a fun experience!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary !!!! Looking at your pictures I am having total 80's flashbacks !!! You guys are so cute !

Tamara said...

You two are adorable. Thank you for reassuring me about the pizza eating. I was worried you'd go HOG WILD!! (NOT!) LOL! Of course you planned for it. You're Heidi. :)

Happy Anniversary!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I love the pictures! Congratulations on such amazing dedication - thank you for being a role model in your relationship with your husband. Gives me something to look forward!