Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lazy days ;)


Seems like Sparkpeople is the buzz around bloggerland these days.  Count me in on those who have been frequenting that site.  I've even got my sister-in-law hooked on to it. 

When I first started on it I found it a bit tedious to enter each and every food into my diary.  However, as the days go by and I add more items to my favourites, it doesn't take long at all to enter everything.

I like to enter what I "plan" to eat the day before, then I just make changes as necessary.  I LOVE the feature where you can copy a meal from one day to another.  Makes it super quick when you have some meals that you eat frequently.

According to their formulas I should have lost about 4 1/2 lbs in the last month.  I'm down 2, guess I can't complain.  However, I'm still floating around that same 147 lbs that I've been bouncing around for months, so I'm hoping it will dip under that one of these days.

For anybody who wants to be my friend on there (hahah, does that sound desperate??? heeeheee) my username is TIAVER.  Feel free to add me, just let me know who you are as I'm not really keen on just adding anybody.  At the moment I have my food & fitness journals open to sharing with friends.


Maybe some would call me crazy, but I've been feeling lazy this week.  Sunday I "only" ran 11Km.  Monday, both my kids had upset stomachs so my son didn't do soccer practice, which means I didn't get out for my run.  By the time I ran around, cooked, cleaned, etc I was just beat and didn't exercise.  Tuesday I "only" ran 40 minutes (well 35 actually because my tummy felt off).  Could have had another workout in the gym that night but I wanted to watch the finale for So You Think You Can Dance Canada (one of my favs!).  Then last night I had to take my kids to their sports and had a meeting at the school so I "only" got in 30 min of playing soccer with my daughter. 

For me this is very lax and I don't like it!

I'm hoping to get some long runs in between tonight and Sunday - PLUS some gym time.  Gotta keep those muscles building.

Got some pretty fun stuff planned for this weekend ... I can't wait!!!


Susan said...

Heidi, I am doing a variation of Eat, Stop , Eat. On my fasting days I usually end up eating 6-800 calories. Fast 2x a week, the other days I eat my usual 1500 calories. The two fasting days ensure I have a calorie deficit by the end of the week. A lot of people don't like the idea of it, but this worked wonders for me each his own , ya know? Google: Intermittent Fasting (IF) or Eat, Stop, Eat. It will explain it better ! :)

Syl said...

I feel your pain Heidi, I haven't had time at all this week to fit anything in, I did a run on the treadmill on Tuesday for 45 minutes and plan to get out on the streets tonight, but it's so much less than what I do on a normal week I feel like I'm being lazy! hopefully next week is back to normal. Sometimes life just happens, especially when you have kids ! have a great weekend my friend.
Oh and I don't know how to add people, haven't really had time to explore the program except for the counting calories and workouts, but I am livesmilerun if you want to find me feel free :-)

Missy said...

Oh you lazy girl! I wish my version of lazy looked like yours - I'd probably be much further along on this journey...

I've been using SparkPeople but don't know about at these nice features you mentioned. I'm going to have to spend some more time looking over it this weekend! And find you so we can be friends ;o)

Bare It All said...

Oh are such a hot mama. I want to have your lazy days as my regular days. :)

Lynsey said...

I too want your lazy days. I'd feel great.