Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Goals

Let's just say this morning did NOT go as planned.  When my alarm went off I went into zoned out land, which left me with very little time to get ready and absolutely no time to do measurements and pictures.  So it will have to be tomorrow.  My daughter was even worse off.  I thought she was up, but she wasn't, and she had 10 minutes to get ready for school.  Let me tell you this is a huge dilemma in a 13 yr old girls world - and somehow it was my fault (as is everything else that goes wrong in her world right now).  Ugh!

Last night my hubby tagged along with me to run while the kids did their sports.  We were at a local track.  I ran the track and the stairs, and he decided to time himself on a 5K - which he completed in 20-21 minutes.  WOW!  I don't think I'll ever be that fast.  We did however time me on a 1 mile run and I did it in 7:53.  Not bad, I'd like to do better since it is only 1 mile.  Gives me something to strive for.  After we picked up our daughter, we headed back to the track while my son finished soccer.  My daughter and I did sprint races across the field.  I never knew she could run that fast (short distance only though).  I was impressed with both of us.  We raced against some of the soccer boys too, but they are just way too fast for me.  It was fun to try though.

Since I have no measurements or pictures to share with you today, I'll just outline my goals for the month of October:


As the rainy season is beginning, it's time to get back to my gym workouts.  For October, I'm going to save money and skip the group classes I've been attending.  Instead I will create my own workouts to do in my gym at home.  Strength training at home 3 days/wk

Continue running at least 3-4 times per week, at least one as a long run (10-15km) and one as a speed run. 

Limit added sugar.  This isn't a huge problem, but as I'm tightening things up, this is one that will go.  No adding sugars (in any form) to things like my cooked cereal, tea - etc.

I will allow myself small, occassional treats - but, to keep in line with that ... treats may only be consumed on odd numbered days, and must be 150 calories or less for the day, preferably under 100.  Having limitations makes me think twice before reaching for a treat.  I'm hoping that I'll find most days I don't need it.

I'm following Syl's lead and for the last few days have been recording my meals on Sparkpeople.  I like how I can see how much carbs, protein & fat I'm getting in a day.  I can put in what I plan to eat that day and then assess where there are holes needing to be filled.  You can analyze all sorts of nutrients and such, but if I get too indepth I'll drive myself mad.  For the month of October I will record EVERYTHING I eat on Sparkpeople, aiming to stay well within the guidelines provided.

I want to improve on that 1 mile time.  My aim has always been for running the longer distances, and the endurance that requires.  But I think to improve on your distance times you need to also improve on your short distance speeds as well.  My goal is to have that 1 mile time under 7:20.

These are things I can control.  I can set myself a weight goal or a measurement goal, but if my body doesn't want to go there I can't force that. 

Good luck and best wished to everyone else out there for this coming month!!!


Fran said...

I think you have great goals set for this month: they can be reached and are measurable.

Good luck!

Tamara said...

I'm sorry Heidi but I had to laugh in recognition at the "this is a huge dilemma in a 13 year old girls world" Man, am I living that! How can someone so young and fresh and beautiful need an hour to put on her face???

I love your goals. You know what I love most about them? It helps me to understand that setting goals should continue for life. I've only ever had one goal: get to my goal weight. When I've reached it, I didn't say "Okay, what's my goal now?" I said "whew, I'm here, good, now I can stop all that annoying exercising." NOT this time!

Thanks for setting such a great example.

Oh, and anonymous? My best boy friend in the world. He lurks my blog but that was his first comment! I'd like to see me as he sees me, that's for sure.

Syl said...

Great goals Heidi, and if anyone can kick ass on their goals it's you my friend!

Oh and the rips add character :-) would definately not wear them 80 pounds ago!