Friday, April 30, 2010

April Recap

I'm VERY much looking forward to some summer weather ... SOON!

I picked up this cute little top the other day.  It has a built in bra (SO comfy).  I can't wait until it's warm enough to wear it without a cardi of some sort.

 APRIL 2010

# of runs: 18  (Goal - 20)

Distance: ..........100.5 Miles / 161.7 Kms
Monthly Goals:  100.0 Miles / 160.9 Kms

Summary: I got myself terribly behind on my goal this month.  The trouble started in March after my first half.  I took too much time off and that rolled over into early April.  By mid-month I only had maybe 25 miles on my belt.  So I kicked it up a notch ... too much, then ended up feeling the start of an injury.  I had to put a couple extra rest days in there, so didn't quite reach my goal of doing 20 runs this month.  I also had to slow my pace down considerably which seems to really be helping the healing process.  Honestly the ONLY reason I reached my goal this month is sheer stubborness.  A sane person would have learned their lessons about procrastinating and made sure to reach their goals for the future months.  That's probably what I should have done.  I'm hoping that by backing off the pace, and then being smarter next month, that I won't pay a penalty for my stubborness.


Distance:  330 Miles / 531 Kms
Goal: .......300.0 Miles / 482.8 Kms

Time Running:  N/A

My running times are on my work computer and I'm off today so I'll have to update later.

I'm super happy to have reached my distance goal this month.  And I vow to NEVER be so stupid about getting behind and/or killing myself to reach a distance goal again.  Though I feel OK right now, the pressure I put on myself was uncalled for and I can't be putting myself in that position

As for my other goals ....

♥ # of runs - goal was 20 and I fell slightly short.  Given the circumstances I'm happy with what I did.  Thinking about it ... I'm not sure I want to run THAT often in a month.  Especially with better weather coming, I want to switch off some of those running days for biking.  And I definitely have fallen for weights again this past week.

♥ Mileage goal - 100 miles:  met it, but as I summarized above, I did it the wrong way.  Lesson learned!

Plan! Prepare! Organize! - yup, YUP, YUP!!!  Boy does this help.  I didn't  do as much preplanning as I should have.  But I certainly made a major improvement on preparing and organizing which made a HUGE difference on the days that I hadn't preplanned.  I had food prepped that I could just grab and go.  And NO helter skelter last minute runs to the grocery store.  YEAH!

♥ Since I had no scheduled official races this month, I planned two timed events for myself.
April 11 - Heidi's Springtastic 10K
April 25 - Heidi's Happy Half Marathon

I completed the Springtastic, but with the injury I thought it wasn't wise to push myself for the second one.  This last week I've been keeping my pace slow and my mileage spread out to what I can handle each day rather than lumping a long day into the mix.

I'm very much looking forward to May.  Lots of fun and exciting things happening for me.  I'll get my May goals posted soon. 
Have a FANTASTIC weekend!!



Anonymous said...

hey, u did pretty good this month! dont sell yourself short! ur stats are really good!

and yes, the warm weather is coming! YAY!!!
happy weekend!

Syl said...

you look beautiful my friend!
GReat job on the goals!

Can't see what's up for you in May!
Let's not talk about warm weather ok :-)

Julie said...

Hi Heidi,
You are a hot mamma!! I love your shirt:) Looking good!!

Great job this month, way to bust out 100 miles! Have a great weekend!

Lynsey said...

You look so good girl. Love that top. You did amazing on the miles. I'm sure May will hold great things for you. Can't wait to see!

Marlene said...

You did it!! Awesome job reaching that goal!

Fran said...

Wow! I'm so impressed that you've reached your goal this month! I'm so behind on mine but May has already started :lol: so I can't catch up. I'll try to do better this month. I have no excuses except that I'm so much in love with Bella :) that I want to stay with her. But the hub will take care of her this morning and tomorrow morning so no more excuses.

Great job on the goals, especially since you were behind and got an injury. You inspire me!

ajh said...

Good job reaching that goal.

Suzy said...

You made it to 100 miles!!! Congratulations. You really pushed there at the end. I love the names of your races. It is good to take it easy after an injury.

Marcelle said...

Stop moaning about your weight...;)
You are the envy of everyone here and that top is AMAZING....SUITS you so one hot mamma...I think people forget how old your children are and how great you look...

You must be the only person I follow who stuck to their goals and achieved them...well done!

Missy said...

Great job Heidi! Though your number of runs were down your mileage was great! You always impress me.

Super cute shirt!