Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lessons Learned

Yesterday was a pretty stiff day after running 20 miles the night before.  When I woke up in the morning I could not straighten my left leg, just wasn't happening.  I tried for a few minutes and wondered how on earth I was going to stand up ... and hoping it would stretch out before I needed to go to the bathroom!  Luckily it did and I didn't have to wet the bed.

It sucks to do a long run like that and then go straight to bed.  The bonus is you sleep like a rock.  But, your muscles just lock right up and it makes recovery tough.  That coupled with having to go to work the next day and sit at a desk all day long.  I work in a very small office and usually work through my lunch hours, so not much opportunity to move around.

Normally on Tuesday nights I run.  But I wasn't sure if this was wise or not.  I e-mailed the oh-so-experienced Marlene to see what she would do.  Unfortunately I did it too late in the day and didn't hear back from her in time.  So .... I went anyway.  Did 3.5 miles at a snails pace.  The first few minutes were quite funny looking, but I did feel better at the end.

Tips I've learned recently:
  • If there is even the slightest chance of rain ... bring a hat!
  • Layering is an art ... that I am not even close to having perfected.
  • Do not eat cabbage & samosas before a long run
  • Make sure you REALLY like your long run partner.  After 3-4 hours you may begin to hate them, even if you absolutely love them.  I totally love my running buddy, but after that long when you're sore and tired, it can't possibly be your own fault [insert sarcasm]and you need someone to blame for dragging you into this crazy idea.  We may have been throwing the 'b' word back and forth at one another near the end.
  • If you need to stop for a potty break en route and decide to use a farmer's apple orchard ... beware of Siberian Huskies that may come lurching at you.  Apparently he did not want me using his tree.  I agreed and found another field.

Did the dreaded swim this morning.  Other than that, I think today is a rest day. 

Keep Active!



Terri said...

Hahaha - the funny thing about this post is that I know it'a all true!!!

Syl said...

you crack me up Heidi! Hope your leg is feeling better soon!

misszippy said...

Doesn't sound fun! But I think the short run the day after was actually a good idea...gets the crap out of the legs. Happy rest day!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Oh boy, Heidi...I feel tired just reading this! I can't imagine trying to run that long with someone else on a regular basis. Someone would be injured - and not from the running!

Hope you leg loosens up/feels better!

Jennifer said...

This post is so funny!! Although I am sure waking up in pain was NOT fun at all :(

Tamara said...

Cabbage and samosas before a run? Oh lordy.

Pretty sure if I ended up in a difference of opinion with a Siberian Husky, I'd let him win too. Good choice. :)

Fran said...

I had to laugh at the lessons learned, especially the Husky :)

You so deserve a rest day. What? You deserve two rest days!

Sister of Pooh said...

What can I say??? You certainly put a smile on my face tonight :)

Fran said...

My friend, after reading your story of 20 miles on a workday after work and Syl running in the snow I couldn't leave behind:

Snow and ice on the road