Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Building up, building up

Lack of posting does not equate lack of activity!  I've been a busy girl.  

A few highlights ....

* Finally broke over the mileage slump and knocked out a 5K - mid day, during work, in the heat.  This was in honour of Alicia's Virtual Race for Autism 5K.  I almost forgot about this run, and was reminded on the last day.  Good thing, because I really needed that boot to get out there and do it.  Honestly though, I have no idea how long it took me.  This was just about actually running the distance.  I ran to the bank and back then added on a loop.  There were LOTS of stops for traffic lights, plus a short stop inside the bank.  But I ran at least 5K and that was what mattered.  Oh, and to make me feel super duper accomplished, I also rode my bike to/from work that day.

* 7 hrs yardword - holy carfluffles is weed-whacking 3'+ high grass then raking it up tough on the arms.  I'm STILL sore a few days later.  I'm probably not even halfway done.  I feel like that guy on the Husqvarna commercial "Taming the Wild" where he goes to bed with a perfectly manicured yard and wakes up to it as a complete jungle.

* 2+ hr hike with a friend.  Beautiful trail, gorgeous weather. But why is it that I can run for 2-3 hours (when in shape) and my feet are great, but if I walk much over 5K I get hotspots or blisters.  Same shoes.  I've got a teensy blister but it won't kill me or stop me.

* And best of all ... last night while the Vancouver Canucks were sorely disappointing us (good thing I'll never make it into the Boston Marathon .... it's kind of an embarrassing town for a Vancouverite to be in these days), I temporarily withdrew my support and went for a run .... 4.5 miles!  I'm still struggling with being proud of 4.5 miles as my long run, considering where I've come from, but I am proud.  Started off difficult as usual, but then my spirit kicked in and my stubborness got me through.  

My diet is basically pretty good, I've been a bit addicted to having a massive salad with an Asian Sesame dressing (YUM!).  But there have been a few slips where things from the "forbidden" list have crossed my lips.  I'm not beating myself up over it.  At least when it has happened, the quantities were what most people would call moderate  (a cookie or two, a couple potato chips, a small handful of pretzels).  I'm not happy that I haven't met my challenge 100% in this area, but it's still improvement.  It's not 4, 5, 6 ... 8 cookies, it's not a good size bowl of pretzels.  Though if I want to see more change in my body more changes are required.  I'll keep chipping away at it.

Jun 1- 2.5 mile run + walking
Jun 2- 2.6 mile run + walking
Jun 3 - 75 min walk
Jun 4 - 30 min walk
Jun 5 - 75 min biking
Jun 6 - 80 min biking, 10 min running, 15 min walking
Jun 7 - 30 min walk
Jun 8 - 80 min bike
Jun 9 - 30 min walk
Jun 10 - 90 min bike, 35 min run
Jun 11 - 7hrs yardwork
Jun 12 - 2+ hrs hike
Jun 13 - 4.5 mile run



Susan @ All Things In Moderation said...

I am so jealous. I've lost my mojo somewhere and I wish I could find it! I know I have to "just do it" but I don't feel like it! Congrats on getting yourself back into the game! Your an inspiration!

Marlene said...

It sounds like you are doing GREAT! Nibbles here and there won't hurt you in the long run - keep at it!!

I get the same issues from walking too - I think maybe because you spend more time with your foot actually on the ground?

Missy said...

Heidi - You're doing AMAZINGLY! Great job. A few nibbles will not derail you. Especially when you're getting out moving every day. Awesome job!!

Tamara said...

"Chipping away at it?" no pun intended, right? Whenever I'm chipping away at it, there is lots of salt and vinegar involved! :P

What the hell is the highest paid dude in the league doing letting in three goals in 8 minutes. Good lordy! They WILL come through on Wednesday!

It took me 6 hours to do my yard on Saturday too. Normally my dad does it (isn't he sweet?) but he had his knee scoped so it was up to me. I waited way to long and oh.my.god. So much fricken grass and dandelions so high at a glance you'd think my yard was a corn field. My hands were soooo sore from mowing and raking. But great exercise. That definitely is the upside.

Your runs are getting longer and that's so great. You rock!

Fran said...

You have been active for sure!

7 hours of yard work? That's really long. I hate yard work but it has to be done every now and then. Usually it takes me about 2 hours to do the entire garden (mostly because I wait too long and then it's more work).

You're doing great Heidi and you're right not beating yourself up about the forbidden fruits, overall you're doing great.

Anonymous said...

final game tonight! i guess i will skip watching so you think you can dance to watch the game. lol.
im not a big hocky fan but if a canadian team is gonan win the cup, i have to watch history in the making!

great job on all your workouts. half way to 30 today! yay