Thursday, June 16, 2011

Disgusted and Ashamed - Riot of 2011

It is not a proud day to be from Vancouver.  I can not express strongly enough how utterly disgusted I am at those who took such horrible action following the Vancouver Canucks loss in the Stanley Cup. 

These jerks are NOT fans, they are punks and losers and I hope that as many as possible are made to pay consequences for what they have done.  They are NOT representative of Vancouver, British Columbia or Canada.  They are scum of the earth and I am hugely disappointed in them, a couple specifically.

Little did I know that logo I posted yesterday (Fear the Fans) would be so incredibly accurate.  I am ashamed to be even remotely associated.

As for us, we fared just fine.  I must say that for the most part things were well controlled and while we were in the downtown core I felt safe (and I'm a big ol' chicken poop, so that's saying alot).  We left halfway through the 2nd period and things were very quiet.  We went for a nice walk along the water and then left about the same time the game ended .... and people went crazy.  Luckily we didn't witness any of that and were completely safe.  Regardless of what some people say, I think the police did as good a job as they could.  Personally I would have lost it and started beating and shooting people if I were them, but history will tell you if they'd resorted to that things could have gone much, much worse and the police would have been scrutinized for their action.

For the most part, those who started this, planned it.  And those who followed and became involved were destined to cause trouble.  In particular, I hope the parents of the kids involved are so very proud of their horrible parenting skills.  These kids have been on this path at least since they were 8 years old.  Their actions have made my sympathies swing way past understanding the difficult upbringing they may have had.  They are old enough to know better and I hope they pay the price.

I do have pictures to share and maybe a video or two.  But this post is not a happy one and I want to keep my happy memories separate so will share later.

Some of you contacted me in concern ... thank you for that.  I had hope, faith and belief that things would not go sour like they did and I am sorely disappointed.

Jun 1- 2.5 mile run + walking
Jun 2- 2.6 mile run + walking
Jun 3 - 75 min walk
Jun 4 - 30 min walk
Jun 5 - 75 min biking
Jun 6 - 80 min biking, 10 min running, 15 min walking
Jun 7 - 30 min walk
Jun 8 - 80 min bike
Jun 9 - 30 min walk
Jun 10 - 90 min bike, 35 min run
Jun 11 - 7hrs yardwork
Jun 12 - 2+ hrs hike
Jun 13 - 4.5 mile run
Jun 14 - 1.5 hr hike
Jun 15 - approx. 90 min walking



Marlene said...

I was appalled at the news this morning. SO very sad. I'm glad you are safe! I really hope they were able to arrest a lot of those imbeciles.

lol8686 said...

I have been watching the situation on our news programs!
Heinz's daughter lives there and she also spoke about this on FB.
Very sad day indeed.
Scum spoil things in every country!

lol8686 said...

That comment is from me Marcelle, with my daughter on my iPad it's come through with her name

Fran said...

I've just read about it on the internet a few minutes ago. I'm sorry to hear this has happened and I still can't understand why people do this. We've had riots too here in Holland and indeed it makes you ashamed to be a Dutch girl when you see things like did happen.

I'm glad to hear you and your family were safe all the time.