Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Minutes keep adding up

Well now, that game was an embarrassment.  8-1 loss for our Canucks.  Still enjoyed watching it, but probably should have spent those wasted 3 hours doing some else.  I do believe they will prevail though.  Last night was just a stinker.

Yesterday I certainly made a big dent in the activity levels for June.

Bike ride to/from work which was about 80 minutes.  Even stopped at a vegetable stand on the way home and carried 5 oranges, 5 apples, 4 grapefruit, and a large zucchini in my backpack for about 5K of the ride.  That was a heavy sucker!!  I've been thinking lately about digging out the old kiddy trailer for my bike and using it to go get groceries.  Using a little less fuel, getting a little more exercise.  Just gotta get the cobwebs and dirt off of it.  All it takes is a little extra planning.

After the game I wanted to get in a little run.  It's been a few days and even though I'm being active, it's really my running I want to bring back up to snuff.  Headed out with the big dog in hopes of doing about 3 miles.  Unfortunately 1 mile into my run I got attacked with stomach pains.  Not enough time to process dinner. :(  Had to cut my route short and walk home.  I was disappointed in that, but still proud that I got out and did a little extra.  Oh well, the dog was happy to get out.  She was really good last night too.

Every day just keeps getting better and better!

Jun 1- 2.5 mile run + walking
Jun 2- 2.6 mile run + walking
Jun 3 - 75 min walk
Jun 4 - 30 min walk
Jun 5 - 75 min biking
Jun 6 - 80 min biking, 10 min running, 15 min walking



Blubeari said...

I've only recently dealt with the 'I ate way too soon before I worked out' issue. Never was an issue before... maybe I never worked out hard enough before. ;) Now I make sure to have 2-3 hours of digestion time!

Tamara said...

Man I would love to see the Canucks win. I'm a Philly fan but after that, I just want to see the cup in Canada!

I like the idea of the grocery bike. Good exercise and productive!

Fran said...

You're absolutely adding more minutes every day in this challenge. I'm very proud of you!

I'm already thinking of making this a monthly challenge for myself. 30 minutes a day is totally doable, if only it's a walk.

Great going Heidi! And your running will come back, no doubt about that.

Marlene said...

8-1?? YIKES! I heard it was a blowout but didn't know how bad. I don't actually follow hockey but would LOVE to see our Canadian team win! :)

Great job on your activity!!!

Anonymous said...

im always thinking of new ways to get in exercise. walking on my lunch break or walking to get groceries, etc.
good job so far this month!

Marcelle said...

Sorry to hear your team lost...what a bummer, hate that when it happens as well....our teams have to win!!!!
We not good losers....LOL.

Tummy flu is going around all over the place..thank goodness not hit me, have a strong stomach...lol, from all the food abuse!!
But agree, you got out and did something and have been active everyday...keeping up to your challenge...
Well done....
I want to stop my NO chocolate challenge as I find I'm overeating since I'm not having my blog a day...but cant stop as it means I failed and I so hate to fail a challenge....:)

Alicia said...

You will get back to where you want to be, Heidi. All you can do is keep moving forward! I believe in you!

Not sure if you got the reply to the comment you left me but just wanted to tell you to go ahead and send me your 5k time. It's not too late!

Thanks again, girl!


Anonymous said...

You are doing so great with this challenge!! :) And that is so awesome that you stopped by a fruit stand on the way home. I need to start doing more errands by bike.

Nej said...

As I was driving to the grocery store the other day, I found myself paying extra attention to sidewalk availability (if I was running/walking)...and traffic (if I was biking) on my way to the grocery store. It's quite a trip, so would need to put a cooler in the bike trailer (that I don't have yet) to keep the cold stuff cold for the trip home.