Friday, June 3, 2011

Change in Direction

Another successful day.  I just love having a goal to work towards.  When you'd otherwise just sluff off a workout for the comfort of a couch and warm blanket (yes, we're still wrapping up with blankets and starting the woodstove most nights - grrrr, this is June right?) ... when you have a goal to work towards, you get up and go out anyways.

Another short run last night.  Had it planned to go a little further, however my daughter had a drama event at school and she thought it would run longer than it did.  I was out running when she called to get picked up and had to shorten up my route.  As it was, by the time I got there she was the last one left, so I really couldn't have gone longer.

The weather is supposed to improve this weekend.  It's really trying right now so I have high hopes.  As such, I'd let to get out for a nice long bike ride or even something like a 2 hour walk.  This 30 minute thing is fine, but that's really a minimum and I want to be out there more.  Especially if it's going to involve SUN!

I will say one thing .... last night's run was more enjoyable, so there's hope.  The first 10 minutes is torture, but my body adapted quicker than the day before and the last half of the run felt a bit like it used to (that floaty feeling) and I even managed a not bad pace at the end (8:30ish/mile).

I also found a nice little 5K-ish route near my house that I'd not previously considered.  It even has a grocery store mid-route that I can use as a bathroom break (very important feature).  Quite convenient!  I intend to make good use of this route and add some extensions and/or loops to it.  Funny, in the recent years that I've been running, I never once considered heading in this direction.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!!!

Jun 1- 2.5 mile run + walking
Jun 2- 2.6 mile run + walking



Marlene said...

Yay for a new route in your area, bonus with the rest stop! Hope the weather improves for you this weekend. It's hot & sunny here! (too much for my liking...)

Nikki said...

I like discovering new routes - it can totally change the run and make it so much more exciting. I like the planned bathroom break spot - should try incorporating that in my own runs!i

Fran said...

You are rocking your challenge. Have to say I'm doing pretty well too so far.

I'm convinced that if you keep up the running you will improve very fast and by the end of the month be able to run longer distances and time. Somewhere there's still that runner inside you, she just has to come out again.

Enjoy your weekend. So far we're having great weather.

Marcelle said...

Yes to the running queen and her rocking this challenge, so you had better keep it up, or else I will be knocking on your FB door giving you a nick nack paddy wack!!!! :)
I find the first 10 mins of every run I do the worst part....why is that do you think, or is it only me??

Mom's Home Run said...

I can't believe you're still in blankets! Poor you. We're having a tropical heatwave over here, so no blankets for us.

I never have goals. I just run four or five times a week. I guess that's my goal.

Anonymous said...

I love when I find a new route. I lived next door the greenbelt (a paved bike path that goes on for miles and miles around our city) and never even knew it was there until I started running.