Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Go Canucks GO!!!! Let's raise that cup!!!!!!

It's an exciting day.  Stanley Cup Finals!  We're taking the family and heading into downtown Vancouver soon.  Can't believe we're going down there.  The streets here have been packed and no doubt tonight it will be insane.  Normally I hate crowds, but I'm really looking forward to this.

I have not traditionally been a real hockey fan, though I have enjoyed watching the game from time to time and I have anappreciation for it.  I am however fiercely competitive and love to support a local team so I get drawn into the excitement and anticipation.

Saw this and thought it was kind of funny...

I'm pretty confident that tonight there will not be a repeat of the Riots of 1994.  I think the city learned a thing or two and after just going through the Olympics here last year, I think things will be reasonably controlled.  If I didn't we wouldn't be going there.  Let's hope I'm right.

Today's exercise will have to consist of just miles and miles of walking around downtown.  I'm certain we'll have to park a good distance away from the action.

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with pictures .... and even more hopefully with stories of the crowd erupting in cheers as Vancouver's captain hoists that cup!!!!

Jun 1- 2.5 mile run + walking
Jun 2- 2.6 mile run + walking
Jun 3 - 75 min walk
Jun 4 - 30 min walk
Jun 5 - 75 min biking
Jun 6 - 80 min biking, 10 min running, 15 min walking
Jun 7 - 30 min walk
Jun 8 - 80 min bike
Jun 9 - 30 min walk
Jun 10 - 90 min bike, 35 min run
Jun 11 - 7hrs yardwork
Jun 12 - 2+ hrs hike
Jun 13 - 4.5 mile run
Jun 14 - 1.5 hr hike



Tricia said...

great job with your activity

Syl said...

have fun Heidi! I hate hockey and can't wait for the season to be over, hubby's got a HuGE to do list going, I'm dusting it off today ;-).
Have fun and stay safe! and I won't say go van cause I'd be signing divorce papers LoL! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Walking totally counts! Some days it's killer to get in those 30 mins of something, but I like the creativity of it all. Keep up the good work. You are half way done! :)

Fran said...

Have lots of fun!
I never watch hockey but it's not such a big sport here as it is in Canada. Here the biggest sport is football.

Walking definitely counts for your activity.

Again: enjoy yourself, look forward to the photos.

Missy said...

Great job getting activity in every day! Very impressive.