Thursday, June 2, 2011

Food Pusher's Galore

How lovely that our Vancouver Canucks squeaked out a win in the first game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs!  Scored with less than 19 seconds left on the clock.  Nothing like leaving it to the last minute.  Kind of how I feel about my weight these days.  I've procrastinated, let things slide, and now it's the last minute.

Yesterday went pretty well.  I avoided all my trouble foods.  Nearly had to get in TWO fights at work.

A couple months ago my one boss was going to walk across the street and get a little snack.  He asked if I wanted anything.  I had this crazy hankering for a Nanaimo square (chocolate, icing, tons of butter, sugar - horrible things).  So, he got me one.  To be honest it was just OK.

But, he got it in his head that this was a special treat for me.  He kind of treats me like a daughter/niece and often spoils me.  So ... he proceeded to bring me a damn Nanaimo square over, and over, and over.  Stupidly, I felt too guilty to refuse them, even though I really didn't even like it.  I really should have told him that.  He was just trying to be nice, and honestly these squares were not the sole cause for my recent weight gain - just part of the equation.

Recently I've told him a few times to please not get me one, that I really need to lose weight again.  But, he has continued to bring it anyway.  Often pushing, saying that I can eat it because I rode my bike, or I'm going for a run, or my weight is just fine.  And I've continued to eat it.

Well, whatta-ya-know .... yesterday I see him walking in with a tell-tale little baggy.  I know what he's done.  Before he even gets close to my desk I put up my hand and told him that if he had something in there for me I had to politely, yet firmly, decline.  I told him I am doing a challenge for June and will not be eating that stuff.  Again, he tries to push it on me.  His arguments: "but it's a brownie this time" ..... "they look really good" .... and my favourite "It's only the 1st, you have plenty of days left".  Seriously???? Failing on day 1 is not what I call a good start.  And even after that he actually brought the brownie to my desk and waved it in my face!  GASP!!!!!

But, I stood my ground and refused the brownie.  I sure hope he got the message.  I deeply appreciate his generosity, I really do, but I need to put my foot down on this.

Then, after that, my other boss starts talking about the big game.  Asking me what kind of snacks I was planning.  He's mentioning all the things that are great to eat during a game:  nachos with piles of cheese, chicken wings, pizza, beer, ribs.  Of course he has no idea (nor would he care) that I'm trying to eat better.  But, I REALLY didn't need to hear about all these yummy gross foods.

As it was, the only snack I did have during the game was a delicious fresh pineapple.

After the game I went out for a short run.  It was demoralizing.  I feel so slow, so awkward.  My husband came with me.  He's quite a bit taller than me, and much fitter right now.  He finds it difficult to run very slow and at one point opted to speed walk beside me.  I actually stopped and belted him full throttle.  Jerk!  I was crabby, crabby, crabby and feeling awful about myself, very self concious.  He was trying to make me laugh, but failed miserably.      Knowing that he could walk at my run speed made me feel even worse.

But, by the last 1/2 mile of the run I started to feel better and more positive.  I should know that running leaves me feeling better in the end.

June 1 was successful.

Jun 1- 2.5 mile run + walking



kimert said...

Good for you for standing strong! Im glad glad glad that June 1 was a success for you! Good luck on many more successful June days. :)

jamie@sweatyhugs said...

I'm so glad you ended up telling him to stop with the goodies! Getting healthy is hard enough as it is...then to have the brownies being brought to you is a whole other challenge. Congrats on a successful day 1! You can do this!

Marlene said...

Wow, BIG kudos for resisting. Food pushers are the worst! I know they mean well and they just don't get it, but PLEASE respect our wishes! As if it isn't hard enough already. :S

Syl said...

ugh! hate food pushers! Glad you stood your ground Heidi! I know it wasn't easy.

and your run, you'll get your legs back in no time. its always so hard to start from scratch again!

Anonymous said...

some ppl just dont understand that you dont want a brownie. i hate that.
i hate when i dont have a cookie or donuat at work, ppl think that i am on a 'diet'. ugh i hate that. i hate that word!

good for u for being strong. and yay for 30 days of activity!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

That was so nice of him to think of you but not so nice of him to not think of what you are trying to do.
A virtual pat on the back for standing your ground and not just accepting the treats to later throw in the trash. Maybe your healthy behavior will rub off?!

p.s. I love that you followed through on the trash bag threats! With my oldest, it was the trash can always but with these to younger's most often an idle threat. I'm working on it!

Susan @ All Things In Moderation said...

I SO feel your pain! Right now I am so unhappy! I think about 2 yrs. ago today. I was happier than ever about my weight and appearance. Now, not so much!I am proud of myself for how far I've come with running and all, but the bottom line is, nothing fits and I look like crap! I am at this point so determined just because I want to feel comfortable again with myself! There is no amount of chocolate that tastes as good as finally getting the weight off feels!

Fran said...

And what a succesful day! You really had to fight some battles yesterday but you did it and I'm proud of you.

I hate it when people push food on me. I have some of those at work too. I just say I'm not hungry, works better than when I say I want to lose weight.

And you went out running again: woohooooooooo!

Marcelle said...

What is it about men that want to feed women!!! It gives them pleasure...HOW?? Does he watch you eat it, or does he walk away??
I know its sweet and all, but every day...once a week I would say...okay..the guy is just wanting to tell you he thinks you awesome ( but you have US to tell you that without the food )
Good that you stood your ground, I agree, you cannot fail on day one, what would your friends from blogland say about that..tah, tah!!
Well done on the run!!