Thursday, March 18, 2010

Half Marathon Pics

I was lacking for bloggy ideas today, when these little gems showed up ... pics from our recent half marathon.

My husband is at the back in the brown hoodie. 
He always looks so big compared to most runners.
I am to his left, but am too short to see me behind bow-tie guy.
I'm pretty sure we were the last runners to cross the start line.
Being a chip time I didn't feel the need to crowd up into the start gate.

He took off his hoodie around the 2Km mark and left it by a volunteer.  After the race it wasn't there and it hadn't been returned to the organizers.  We left our name & number, but no one has called to say it was returned yet.  This kind of disappoints and suprises me. 

Here he is further along in the race (after ditching the sweater ... and leaving me).  At least he managed somewhat of a smile for the camera


What?  That doesn't look like me?? 
I'm in the purple long sleeves behind this guy.
I didn't realize I was that much behind this guy. 
I think I was in front of him a bit when I got too sick and had to stop.

Here is the (un)HAPPY face I'm talking about ...

I think I was attempting a smile, but a bit late. 
And OH MY the hair. 
The way it's going up and back makes it look like I have a super short cut. 
When in fact, I'm trying to grow it out again and it's longer than it's been in a while.

At the next race I see a camera, I will try extra hard for more of this look

I had no idea that top moved that much either.  It always feels so snug.  Hmmm

Not the prettiest things, but eh. 
I haven't decided what to do with ours yet. 
Might hang them in the gym by the treadmill.

Speaking of the treadmill...

As I mentioned yesterday, I got up early and did the first workout from Making the Cut.  Then last night, I did the 2nd workout in the book.  I had missed Tuesday and wanted to make it up.

Afterwards I decided to do mile intervals with a short break in between each mile on the treadmill.  I want to work on turning my legs over quicker, so did shorter distances at a faster pace.  I was pretty happy with my paces, especially the last one.  I don't recall doing a sub 8 min mile before.
Mile 1 @ 8:13 mile/min
Mile 2 @ 8:00 mile/min
Mile 3 @ 7:45 mile/min

But somewhere about midway I got what I thought was a major cramp in my sides ... but both sides, not just one.  I've never had anything like that before and it felt REALLY weird.  It felt like something was grabbing my stomach inside and pulling it in.

It wasn't until this morning when I jogged up the stairs to my office that I put it all together.  It was my abs from the strength workouts!  It's been a while since I worked those babies hard.  I'm feeling that lovely little ache from a good workout today.  Love that burn!

It's a beautiful sunny day again today.  Got out for a short walk on my lunch break.  Tomorrow I'm supposed to go running with a friend and a new running mate of hers.  That's always exciting.

Hope everyone is having a great day!



Syl said...

That's a great picture of Garry and honestly Heidi I don't think there is anything wrong with your pictures, well except for the last one you look a little "drawn" and "pale" :-)

running with friends, have fun!!! I would give anything to run today, but i think I'm best under a blanket with kleenex for the time being, have to go to a parent teacher interview but after that I'm going to bed!

Tricia said...

I don't have a single running pic I like. I will never be a running model...sigh... :)

I think yours look great.

Running Diva Mom said...

I always look more worn out than everyone else in my race pics and everyone else makes it looks effortless. Congrats on your finish! Enjoy your medal!

Alicia said...

Funny that you didn't know that pain was your abs. :) My abs are in serious need of some attention. Good for you for getting to it!

Fast miles yesterday!

ajh said...

Have fun running with your friends! Love what you did to that pic!

Sarah said...

You and your hubby look great!! LOVE that purple shirt. :)

Tamara said...

Haha! I love the smiley face. That's exactly how I look when I run! (not) :)

Thanks for the shout out yesterday. I'm really glad you took my words to heart. I'm definitely one of your biggest fans so that makes me quite protective of you and I just won't stand for the trash talk :P

kimert said...

Love the running pics! I don't have any of me that I absolutely love, but I do secretly try to find the camera just in case. LOL
I think you look great though! Be proud of that medal!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

I love your pictures! I thought you looked quite energetic and "normal" for someone undergoing such intestinal distress!

You really WERE out in the middle of nowhere - no place to hide in the bushes when looking for the port-a-potty...Poor you!

I like it that your medal matches your profile picture - thumbs up!!! That medal was meant to be yours. :)

Michelle said...

Those are awesome pictures! You really look great! I usually look red and angry, but you look glowing and happy!

Ugh on ab workouts. I need to get back to those!

Marlene said...

You guys got some great shots! Sometimes it's just hard to smile during a race. Too bad about the hoodie. :(

Great job on your treadmill workout too! I have often mistaken "DOMS" as cramps. Ouch!

Fran said...

I think you look great on the pics Heidi. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Great workout and had to smile about the abs story.

Fran said...

Thanks for thinking of me and so good that you've giving your little sweetheart extra attention!

Thanks for the tip! I'm going to check your blogroll out.

Missy said...

Great pics! I'm excited for your next half marathon - when you're not sick and you can really rock it!!