Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One Step In The Right Direction

Writing all that out yesterday was actually therapeutic.  I've had that horrible habit of being a closet eater from time to time and getting it out made it real.  It also seemed to erase the guilt or the shame associated with hidden eating.  It's done, nothing can change that.  There's no need to feel guilty about it.  The only thing to be done is to take action and move forth.

Last night I skipped my workout!  Doesn't sound like action, does it?  But it was!  The workouts are the easy part for me.  Sometimes (like lately) I even use them to avoid facing tasks that need to be done.  Which is why I skipped it last night.

I finished cleaning up my kitchen, cupboards & fridges.  Two HUGE garbage bags full of junk.  I had tons of fruits & veggies, yet half of it was rotten.  So when I go to prepare a meal I was just faced with having to pick through things and got overwhelmed.  Same with my cupboards.  Boxes and packages of stale, out-dated food that had to go.

It felt so refreshing to get all that cleaned up.

Then, I made a new batch of hummus.  Not the prettiest batch I've ever made.  I added a bunch of cilantro & chili powder to it and it had a very disturbing browny/green tinge.  But it tastes pretty good.

I also prepared lunch for today!  As many of you noted, and I knew this too, pre-planning is a major part of success. 

So, today is going much better.

Breakfast - Raisin bran cereal with 1% milk
Lunch - Hummus & veggie wrap, cottage cheese, orange
Dinner - I'm thinking a shrimp stir fry with brown rice would hit the spot.
Dessert - Peaches

 ... and a big a$$ bottle of water too!

I'm hoping today we get the news that they'll take off my son's braces soon.  It's been over 2 years and his teeth look perfect, and have for some time.  They're not getting any more money from me and we both just want them off!  I'm actually getting kind of angry about it.

Definitely having a more positive ... in control day.
Hope you are too!



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Syl said...

WTG Heidi, must make you feel like a million bucks, i knew you had it in you :-)

Fran said...

See: another day and you are back in control! Way to go Heidi!

I can imagine you wish the braces go, I hear from my friends who have children how expensive this can be.

ajh said...

Planning does help. I have a hard time throwing stuff away. Good for you.

Kyle and Darci said...

Planning is HUGE for me! If I don't I end up going down the same slippery slope you talked about in your last post! Great job...and I bet it feels great to have your cupboards/fridge all cleaned out!

Tamara said...

Glad you're having a better day. I love the kitchen purge! I like knowing exactly what I have in my cupboards and that all of it is actually edible. :)

Michelle said...

Your lunch sounds awesome! I may have to try this!

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

I just happened to come across your blog today so I went back and read your last post. Honestly, girl... a lot of people eat that way. A lot more than you would think. What matters the most is identifying the problems (poor planning, lack of creativity, time consumption... those are my biggest ones).

I'm glad to see you are getting on track! I can't wait to follow along :)

Marcelle said...

Good to see you feeling better and here I thought I had a friend in crime...hehehehe

I need to get stuck into my cupboards this week while Heinz is in France on business...throw all those too big clothing away...we might have to move within the next few months, ( still in Germany ) so want to have all my stuff sorted out before then.

Ashley M said...

mmmm... the Hummus recipe sounds sooooooo good! I can remember the time I thought if I added some garlic powder that it would make my hummus better.. However, it was a garlicky mess and I will never make that mistake again..

Happy Blogging,