Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturday's Plan = FAIL ;)

Saturday's plan:  Run 12.1 miles at a 9:05 pace (this would have me finish the half just under 2 hours), and take along homemade mini peanut butter cookies to try for on the run fuel.

As plans go this was sort of a fail.  2 miles into the run I realized I had forgotten to pack along the cookies.  GRRRR!  I wanted to try that out on this run and if it went well I was going to take them with me on the race.  As it was, I didn't want to turn back to get them.  Plus, I wanted to run this whole distance without stopping to really see if I could do it.  So I just continued on.

It was hard!  I've run that distance before, and certainly close to that distance many times.  But for whatever reason I fought this one the whole way.  I remember feeling like this last year just before the one race I'd been looking forward to all year.  Kind of burned out, and eager to get it over with and then just move on to running without a training plan.

Around 5-6 miles in I wanted to quit so badly.  Which is odd, because I frequently run over that distance.  But I pressed on.  By about 9 miles I started thinking ... why am I running 12.1 today?  Are you thinking that I was considering quitting???


What I was questioning was why didn't I just run the whole 13.1! 

So yes, it was a fail because I didn't do what I had planned .... but it was a grand success because I did more. 

When I got home I felt a bit like I'd been run over by a truck, but actually not too horrible.  I decided to grab my camera and take a pic (since I'm horrible about posting pics of myself). 

I took these two ...

but I always feel kind of silly taking pics of myself just standing there, and the trampoline was sitting there beckoning!

What can I say?  I'm just a big ol' kid.  Ou first trampoline was actually purchased fo ME, not the kids.  I did gymnastics as a kid and ALWAYS wanted a trampoline.  I've kept up with it enough that I can still do a few tricks (with less than perfect form).

Here's a little sampling:


And a couple back tucks

This one I was going to delete because I didn't capture what I was aiming for ... then I saw my calves.  Holy!  I know I have naturally muscular calves, but I don't get to see them from this angle.

I was surprised that I had the muscular strength to still pull off these tricks after this run.  I was a bit scared to try because I thought I might crumble.  But after a few bounces it all felt good.

Afterwards I went and had a cold bath (those are miserable), then a hot shower.  I was tired, but not as burnt out as I often am after a long run like that.  Hey, maybe the trampoline jumping helped!  HAHAHA

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



Syl said...

you are so fricken cute Heidi!

Fran said...

I love the pics on the trampoline and girl you've got some strong calves!

I'm impressed and proud that you ran the whole 13.1 miles. Your internal struggle sounds familiar, some runs I'm constantly in discussion with myself if I keep on running or if I quit. But I have to say, I hardly ever quit.

You are going to rock that half!

Marcelle said...

wow you are one awesome chickie babes!!!!!!!!!!
First that you know I am so impressed with your running and times...Then the first pic you are standing like a dancer ( takes one to see another one ) then see you did gymnastics, so that tells me why you look so good in pic no one....and then the series of shots...holy are fantastic for a mom of teens!!!
THOSE you know how many men would die for them...they are impressive...can imagine what went through your mind when you saw that photo!!!!!!!!!!!
Go rock my friend...when I get big I want to be like you!!! ;)

Alicia said...

Holy calves! Wow! Great job on motivating yourself to do more than you had planned. Can't say I've ever done that.

I'm shooting for the under 2 hour half, too. I've got another chance on March 20th. I found a local half to go for a PR on. Go us!!

Michelle said...

Wow - the calves! The trampoline looks like a blast!

ajh said...

Wow! You have some great muscles. Nice job on the run and the trampoline. I don't know why you put fail! When you do the race it will all be good!

Lynsey said...

Great pics. YOU are too cute. And those calves....holy s#!t.

I was totally waiting for you to say you quit but that's because that's the kind of day I had yesterday and I was scared it wasn't only me. So glad you didn't quit but pushed further. YOu are amazing!

Angela said...

Way to out do your own running plans! I'm amazed at how fast you are--hope it'll be me one day!

kimert said...

Great job on the run!!! I long for legs like those!!! looking good, girl!

Tamara said...

Hey, you're like me: I always run a half marathon when I fail. :P

WTG Heidi. You're the awesomest. Wha? It's a word!

Syl said...

Hey my friend, in case you are looking for me I have deleted my facebook account. But I know you know where to find me :-)

Anonymous said...

WOW! A long run and then trampoline!! You are a rockstar! I love your trampoline pics, so awesome. And holy calves!! Yeah! That rocks, you should be proud.

Missy said...

You continue to amaze me! Cute pics. Holy muscles lady!!

Gina said...

I love the fun pics!

Ashlee Wetherington said...

WOW! that's amazing, congrats on pushing through and beating your goal! And i love the trampoline photos :)

Sarah said...

Nice work! So jealous of your trampoline. :)

Syl said...

Hey Heidi, it's me again :-)

i just read your comment on the shirt, it's a tech shirt is that bad?

Tamara also suggestd I run in it before hand so I definately will, is a cotton shirt better?