Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Buying Shares in Tim Hortons

Last week I posted about my husbands love for sweets and the array of junk he brought home

Well ... it continues!

In the last THREE days let's see how many 40 packs of Timbits he has brought home:

Yes - THREE!
One box per day

Let's do the math on that:

3 boxes x 40 Timbits = 120 Timbits

1 Timbit = 50 to 90 calories
average of an assorted pack is 65 calories each

so .....

120 Timbits x 65 Calories each =

7,800 Calories

They don't look so innocent anymore, do they?  Where, oh where does my family put these?  Not to mention there is on average 2.9g of fat in EACH timbit .... 120 Timbits = 348g fat - GROSS!!!  I feel nauseous now.

With all this temptation around I've done pretty good.  I have had 6 Timbits total from these boxes, about 390 calories.  While that will not kill me or 'ruin my diet', my husband is in serious danger.

He has been warned that if he brings home one more box of these little devils or ANYTHING junk food like within the next two weeks I will throw the item AND him into the fire!  Though as I look back over those nutrition numbers I may be tempted to throw away any future Timbits, forever.

He was quite shocked to learn that these little suckers are about 50 calories each.  I can't wait to tell him tonight that it's actually 65 calories on average, and how many calories & fat he has consumed just from these in the last few days.

Sometimes it takes a little bit of shock value to set them straight.

Today was my Belly Blast weigh in.  I was down .4 of a pound, yippee.  I'd like to be more excited, but it's hard to be because a couple of days ago I was down over a pound.  Since my race and long run and the last two days I have been doing weights, so my weight is up.  This is typical with this type of activity as I put extra stress on my muscles.  I'm not gonna stress over it.  The scale is going the right way and I'm happy AND I'm going to keep it moving that way.  Plus, while I haven't done measurements yet (too early), my belly seems a bit flatter and my husband noticed it too.  What more can I ask for!

Hope you're have a great AND 'Timbit Free' day!



Syl said...

Ha Ha Heidi, me and your husband will get along just great, I can buy him timbits and he can buy me coffee, I have a serious problem with tim's coffee :-) Almost so bad that I'm thinking of relocating to the States. I swear my car goes their automatically.

ajh said...

I've never heard of Timbits. Are they doughntus?

Sarah said...

I have never heard of Timbits! They look like Dunkin Donut Munchkins? Those are also pure kids beg for them. Instead of buying them a box I just get them 3 each so there is no chance of me eating one. :)

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I've too never heard of these Timbits but lemme ask a question. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR HUSBAND?! He better shape up or ship out ;)

Marcelle said...

Hello there from beautiful hot hot hot, did I say HOT Cape Town - hehehehe
Every time I run outdoors ( and that's daily ) I think of you and wish you could experience it here..not run with me as I'm way, way, way, did I say WAY to slow for you in the running department....hehehehe
I'm in a good mood again this morning as you can see..the sun is out, no wind and a day I cant wait to daughter and I are going for a walk ( up the hills ) jog ( down the hills ) as she is not a runner only a walker...I've been running everyday since I arrived here, 10 days now, so today I'll take it a little easier ( feeling a bit wobbly the last few days so taking it easy will be good for me I know )

I have been eating lots of marie biscuits...they half a point each...but now the packet is finished so not going to buy as I eat too many of can understand how you feel about those Timbits...once you start you cant stop!!

Have a great Thursday....

Michelle said...

Yes, doughnuts are evil! Baked goods are my weakness!

Good luck!

Missy said...

Oh what a mean husband you have!! That would be horrible.

YAY for a flatter stomach though. Good job!!