Monday, March 22, 2010

Recovery Week?

I'm not sure I have this concept down of a recovery/rest week. First there was the weekend before my first half where I ran the full 13.1 instead of my intended 12.1 miles. Then last weekend, there was the actual disaster race, where while I ran a little short, I still ran 12.1 miles.  Then this weekend I completely went over my anticipated mileage and almost did another half.

This week I had fully intended to back off the mileage a bit. Monday my husband and I decided to do an easy recovery run. We'd planned to go about 3 miles, but it ended up over 4 miles.

Wed I planned to do 2 miles ... I did 3.

Friday I went out running with a couple of friends, and a new running mate.  I expected we'd probably do about 4 miles ... we did over 6.

Sunday I was to run with friends again.  I expected we'd do maybe 5-6 miles on this run, however I wanted to go a bit longer than that (to keep up my half training for next months race) so I went early and planned to do 2-3 miles before meeting them.  This ended up being a lot longer (details to follow).

Friday was actually a pretty cool day.  I had plans to get together for coffee/tea with a good friend "Mel".  I run regualrly with her sister "Mac" and also had plans to run with her that day.  Mel is just starting to run again and decided she'd come out with us and we'd run ahead and then all meet up afterwards at the coffee shop.  It was a beautiful day.  Mac brought along a co-worker with her, who she's been running with and it was awesome to run with someone new.  Very nice lady!  We ended up running 6.35 miles.  A little slower than I've been running, but it was alot of fun to just yak and not think about running.

Afterwards Mel & I went to a 2nd hand store and I got myself an awesome sports bra in fantastic shape and 2 cute dresses - one with tags on still.  Then we went to my favourite little Mexican restaurant and had a lovely lunch.  It was a fun day.

This one is just a tad tight through the chest/back and waist.
I can wear it, but I know I'd be a bit more comfortable in it being down about 5 lbs.

This one is SO comfy!  I think it will be super comfortable to wear in the summer.

Sunday I met up with Mac and a couple other running friends.  As I said above, I wanted to do a few miles on my own, so I started before they got there.  I had planned on doing about 2-3 miles, but once I got going it just felt so good.  We'd had some more torrential rain in the morning, and the sun had just come out and it was SO warm.  I ran 2 1/2 miles then called Mac to see where she was.  She was running late - PERFECT, I wanted to run more.  I ended up doing 5.5 miles on my own before we even met up.

Mac & I run at a faster pace than the others, so we went ahead on our own.  I figured she'd want to do about 5-6 miles, so was very happy to be getting about 11 miles in for the day.  As it was, she wanted to go a bit longer and we ended up doing 7.3 together.

So in total, I ran 12.8 miles!  It was a much slower than race pace, but it was awesome.  Except for the last bout of rain we got.  About 2 miles from the end the skies suddenly opened up.  I could barely see from the rain falling in my eyes.  Insane!  At one point I threw up my arms and screamed to the skies "Bring It On!" ... I believe I got answered!

For a week that I'd anticipated running about 17 miles .... I ran 27 miles!

I'm going to be so ready for that next half!  I can't wait to go check out the route.


Another giveaway at Running Through Life for a beautiful Adidas jacket.  I love Adidas clothes!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!



Syl said...

Heidi - YOU LOOK AMAZING...that's all ;-)

Fran said...

So much for recovery :lol: I'm so impressed with all your running.

Your dates with your running friends sounds really great. I'm always running alone, none of my friends run. The only one who did got injured and doesn't run anymore. Maybe I can go running sometimes with my SIL when she's further at her training program.

I love both dresses, I would buy them myself. You look really great in both of them.

Michelle said...

Love the dresses! Great job on the mileage!

ajh said...

Wow! You are putting the miles in. What is your next race?

Lynsey said...

Look at you! Wow. And holy running. Good for you girl!

Suzy said...

You look great in those dresses! Um, you need to work on your recovery a little...maybe try this thing called sitting. :) It looks like a great week.

Susan (All Things In Moderation) said...

Holy Cow Heidi!!!!!!!!!!!! You look SOOOOOOO good !!!!!!! You are one hot lady! Both of those dresses look amazing on you!

kimert said...

You look amazing! Your new dresses look great on you! Way to go on the running! Have a great week! :)

Anonymous said...

Cute dresses!! Way to go on your runs! I think that is so great that you were able to run more than your set schedule. I think that is always a huge mental block for me, I am going to work on that.

Ashlee Wetherington said...

Love the dresses! your recovery week killed mine! I basically did nothing.. oh well. You will totally kick ass in the next half!

~Tammy said...

Great running distances. I wish I was that dedicated. When my distance is up and my time is up, I'm done!

I love your new dresses. They are gorgeous and look great on you! Congrats on a super cute find.

Missy said...

Super cute dresses! I think you look great in them already!!