Friday, June 4, 2010

Killer Headache

On Sunday I went out for a run.  Did 8.5 miles, part of it with a running buddy.  It wasn't a fast or tough run by any means.  In fact, I was disappointed because I didn't allow enough time to run farther.  I totally felt like I had more in me.

But, later that day I felt quite drained.  Could have used a nap, but someone came over to check out one of my horses.  I thought maybe it was a lack of hydration so I drank more water, plus had a big glass of milk (thinking my body could use the protein in it too).  By about 7:00 I was not only wiped, but I had the most dreadful headache.  I could literally feel my pulse throbbing at my temples.  Plus I felt a bit dizzy and queasy.  I took an ibuprofen, grabbed a cold washcloth for my head, and snuggled into a blanket on the couch.

By 9:00 I managed to have a 30 minute nap, but really didn't feel much better.  I took another ibuprofen, got my cloth cold again, and headed to bed praying that I would fall asleep.  I was almost in tears it hurt so bad.

When I woke up Monday morning it was all gone, except my eyes seemed a teensy bit swollen.

I had this same sort of situation after a race back in February.  I have felt exhaustion after a long run, and needed a nap, maybe had a slight headache ... but nothing like these two instances.

Did a little Google research and did see some interesting things.  One thing mentioned was of course dehydration.  While I didn't feel dehydrated ... maybe I haven't been drinking enough water.  I know it's been pretty cold and miserable lately and I likely have been drinking more hot black tea and less water.  My weight was also up 4 lbs the next morning ... that's got to signal something because it certainly wasn't due to food intake.

Another thing it mentioned was possible muscle tension.  Hmmm, that's a possibility.  I pulled out the 30 Day Shred on Saturday (ahahaha I just accidentally typed the 309 Day shred - wowsers, that's a long one).  Having not done much weights recently it REALLY kicked my butt ... and my chest, back, arms..... 

When I began my run on Sunday morning I definitely felt tension through my back, chest and shoulders.  Perhaps I was too tense on my run.

The common thread I do see between these two situations is that I was wiped after my run and wasn't able, or just didn't, take the time to lay down and let my body recoup when it was clearly exhausted.  Maybe that's the lesson I need to take from this?

You gotta love blogging for having a little piece of history to help you figure things out.  I will monitor this situation to see if it happens again.

Day 3 and going strong.  Left it until after 9PM again, but got it done.  Did 1 mile intervals on the treadmill and was super happy with my average pace.  Speed work is kind of fun.  Between intervals I dropped and did some core work.

June 1 - 5 mile/8K run
June 2 - 30 Day Shred Level 1
June 3 - 4 mile/6.4K - 1 mile intervals on treadmill at avg. 7:28 pace and core

Keep Active!


Marcelle said...

Good going Heidi.
I must be honest I find running two days in a row tough going, if I keep them short then its okay, but I like to train for an hour so it's walking and running every day for me, some days am so tired I can hardly push myself forward and NEVER take water with me...have no idea where to put it and dont have one of those fancy belts with water bottles. Do you have one??

Missy said...

Good idea to do a little research on it. It'd be easy just to pass it off as a headache. Hydrate - hydrate - hydrate, I guess!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

Tamara said...

Blogs are great for so many reasons aren't they?

It's good to be able to identify a pattern and learn from it. Your body is sending you messages you don't want to ignore.

Julie said...

Hi Heidi,
Great job on that 8 miler! Wow, I am impressed it you felt like you could of gone more. When I do my half marathons it is at mile 8 where I kind of get into a funk for a bit. I have to hand it to you for sticking with the shred! Keep up the awesome work!

Nikki said...

That's the mystery of running I suppose, it's hard to tell exactly what's causing the aches and pains (and headaches!) Good job on the nice long run though!

ajh said...

Wouldn't you love a crystal ball to tell all we need to know about the mysteries of running and us?

Curvy Jones said...

Hi! I found your blog by searching for people talking about the 30 Day Shred. It's kind of amazing! I'm also jazzed about your 30 days of Activity. Mine started in May-- I walked all 31 days. It was a great jump start. Now I'm doing the Shred. It's definitely a butt kicker.

I saw you mention being dehydrated and immediately grabbed my water bottle. Thanks for the reminder!

Fran said...

Woohoo 3 down, 27 to go!

I know what you mean Heidi. I need to drink enough water in a day otherwise I get headaches which I have had a lot this past week and it's all due to not drinking enough.

Thanks for you 30 days of activity. I used it for my own summer challenge which you can find on my post of today (at the new website, yes finally running again :) )

Anonymous said...

The 309 days of the shred would be horrible!! LOL! I have definitely had bad headaches after running too. I have been told by people that it may be the way I am breathing when I run. I am not sure how to cure that, I am not sure how to breath differently. But I would keep up on the wate intake and see if that helps. I hope you don't have this happen again.

Tricia said...

great job looking back to get to the root of the problem