Thursday, June 3, 2010

That's better

I started doing the Shred again on Saturday ... Sunday morning my muscles were pretty tight, but I managed to pull out an 8.5 mile run.  The run felt pretty good, though I did have some problems afterwards (post to come on this).

Did it again on Monday, except instead of the cardio intervals I did 5-10 min bursts on the treadmill at a pretty fast clip ... Tuesday I was almost crying with every step I took.  I literally had to use my hands to lift my legs climbing out of bed.  If I had to get up after sitting at my desk for a while I would nearly fall down. The worst was my quads - so sore, followed by my chest, abs.....  Went for a 5 mile run with my husband Tuesday night and felt EVERY step along the way.  It was horrid.

Have you ever had that feeling where your muscles FEEL like this - even if they don't LOOK like this:

They feel like they are SO pumped up and must be bursting at the seems, yet in the mirror they are still your regular ol' legs.  That's how I felt on Tuesday.

But .. last night I did the workout again ... and today I feel great good.  I can still feel that I worked my muscles, but I no longer feel like some sort of poison has been injected into my body.  I also ONLY did the Shred, no run, maybe that's why I don't feel so run over. 

I made myself a chart of all the moves in the video. 

This way I can follow the workout without having to actually watch the DVD.  The only way I can currently have the video in the gym is to snatch my husbands laptop.  Sometimes he needs this for work so I can't rely on it.  Plus, I'd much rather listen to my own music than listen to (and watch) Jillian on a regular basis. 

It's also nice to follow the workout that way as I can take extra time if needed to complete my reps, or add on extra reps where I want them.  I find in the video she doesn't do things equally and that drives me nuts - 15 reps on the left SHOULD equal 15 on the right and in the video it doesn't.

I color coded it so I can easily divide up the different sections (strength, cardio & core).  That way if I want to sub out something (cardio for running) I just refer to the sections I need.  I know, I'm a total geek!

Honestly I did NOT want to workout last night.  We had another torrential downpour last night and that tends to leave me in a funk.  I delayed working out until 9:15 PM.  But I knew I couldn't go to bed without doing some activity towards my challenge.  Having a goal/challenge really does help!  I mean, I couldn't possibly renege on the 2nd day, could I??

June 1 - 5 mile/8K run
June 2 - 30 Day Shred Level 1

Keep Active!


Anonymous said...

I love that you made yourself a little shred cheat sheet - brilliant! I have defintely had that feeling in my legs, back when I was doing bootcamp. I think some of the pain came from not properly stretching afterwards. I am loving your 30 days of activity and your shredding action. This just inspired me to bring the shred with me this weekend on my work trip. I may be out of town, but there are no excuses for not doing some kind of physical activity.

Syl said...

damn that Jillian - why does she torture us so much ;-) Love your chart, and yes you are a geek - ducking for cover....
I should be nice because I'm meeting you soon, don't want to give you the wrong impression! ;-)

Sarah said...

I like 30 day Shred, but it aggravated my back injury, so I had to stop. I am always much better about being active in the nice weather too...way to stick with your goals!

Tamara said...

I love your chart. I'm not sure I would do the moves at Jillian's pace if I was doing it on my own but it's cool to see it all written out like that for sure.

You're officially my hero right now with all the working out you do!

Missy said...

Good idea to make a chart! I really don't like the videos - dare I say it, Jillian annoys me - so it would be wonderful to have some upbeat music on or a a good show. Love it!

Fran said...

If you're a geek, than I am too :) I love that schedule, you're like me with all your charts. I do it too, it helps me stay focussed on my goals.

I think if I do the Shred now it would kill me too :) Haven't been doing that much strenght training in a while.

So let me know if you managed to get some activity in, I'll bet you did.

Marcelle said...

Strength training is the best!!!
Wish I would do it more often...but nope, I am always wanting to burn those calories by running...
And gain the WW activity points...
But have started - last week, this week only cardio, difficult to break bad habits hey.

Michelle said...

Love your chart. I may have to use it myself. Good luck on your challenge!

Marlene said...

Way to go sticking with the strength workouts! I'm sure it's tough to combine with running with the sore muscles... stick with it, girl!