Friday, June 11, 2010

Random Things

So .... this entry today means we got away on our trip.  I'm still not certain exactly how long I'll be away.  But ... I prepared a couple of fun/random posts for my absence.

Throughout this trip I WILL stay active.  We will be in some very scenic lands and I plan to enjoy it thoroughly.  Hopefully the weather cooperates.  I really can't take much more rain in my life. 

While on our trip, there is a chance we might see one of these guys.

Though it would be nice if we came upon him, rather than him coming upon (or at) us.

Years ago, on our bicycle trip through this area, we came upon a black bear on the side of the road.  Several cars were stopped to take pictures.  I however, was terrified as my "get-away vehicle" was a little on the slow and unprotected side.  So here I am, heart beating a million beats a minute, and I just want to get out of this area A-S-A-P!  I'm watching the bear, not paying attention, when suddenly I look up and notice my husband has stopped his bike to look (just as all the other people were doing).  But it's too late, I'm going too fast to stop!  So I veer off the road, into a little ditch & long grass, and somehow miraculously make it back up on to the road.  Yeah - stupid move.  I don't know how I didn't crash.  But if I had, I would have been easy pickings for that bear if he so chose.  Wildlife is cool to see ... I just prefer to see it while safely tucked inside a vehicle.
Quite likely we will also see elk, big horn sheep and/or mountain goats and possibly the great Canadian Moose!  It's also possible we could see a Grizzly Bear, and while they are very magestic ... I'd much prefer to see them at the zoo, or better yet on film.
This trip is one of the reasons I decided to institue my "30 Days of Activity" challenge.  Even though there will be some long travel days, I still need to incorporate activity ... which in turn usually helps me to keep eating healthy.

Today will likely be my most difficult day to get in activity.  We are looking at an all day drive and upon arrival we will be heading to the rehearsal dinner.  Hmmm, wonder if there is a chance there will be dancing there.  Better not bank on it.  I'm writing this post on Thursday, so my plan is to do a 30 minute run or a level of the shred early in the morning before we leave - even if that means having to get up before the birds.  I'll have plenty of hours to catch up on my sleep while we drive.  Generally I'm asleep within 30-60 minutes of leaving the house - sometimes less.

See you when I get back! 

Until then, enjoy my random posts and...

Keep Active!



kimert said...

Have a fun and safe trip! :)

Tricia said...

have a great time!

Syl said...

you left..sitting on pins and needles awaiting the phone call telling me that you are coming ;-) but no pressure my friend, enjoy the wedding!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got away, sissy~hope you have fun and get a little vacation out of it :)

I don't wanna see any of 'those' guys either, and was thinking about that on our walk today! They scare the bejeebers out of me!

99ToGo said...

Have fun! Biking with bears....hmmm, it sounds interesting. Motivation to pedal really, really, fast, I suppose :)

ajh said...

Hope you're having a great time.

Julie said...

Hi Heidi,
I hope that you have a wonderful vacation! If you see any bears hopefully you will be in your car:) Have your camera ready! Take care!

Fran said...

You've already left but still I want to wish you a great vacation! Knowing you a little by now I'm sure you'll get your activity in these days.

Enjoy the wedding and hope for you and Syl you will meet each other.