Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm a crazy, tea drinking, AM runner. And I feel good!

I had a laugh at how many people thought I was brave (crazy???) for posting pics of myself in a bikini.  But you  know what, that's me.  I don't have a perfect body, probably never will.  But I've reached a stage in my life where I refuse to hide and/or wait for perfect.  Woman need to be more comfortable with themselves and stop comparing themselves to the bikini models or the young girls wearing bikinis.  When I was in my late teens, early 20s, I wasn't always comfortable wearing a bikini.  Looking back I should have been flaunting that thing on a daily basis because I was in pretty wicked shape then.  It was a shame to be so insecure then.

My Mom once told me "Heidi, I think your bikini days may be over".  Sorry Mom, that's not a slam to you at all, I understand what you were saying.  But dang nabbit they are NOT over.  I'm far from perfect, but I refuse to be that insecure little girl I once was. 

Though, my motive behind taking these pictures like this is I want to see every little result.  For me, this is the best way to see change.  And I am determined for this challenge to see change!  I love a challenge and this one has me all fired up.

Tim Horton's Success!

Last night my son had soccer practice and a friend of mine (who's son is also on the team) asked if I wanted to meet for tea.  I had been thinking of going for a run, but I haven't seen this friend in quite a while so decided to go.  BUT .... I walked from the field to Tim Horton's.  It's not a long walk, maybe a mile, but I hoofed it the whole way.  THEN, when I got there, even though it crossed my mind a bazillion times, I JUST had a tea.  No lovely sickly sweet English Toffee Cappuccino, no carblicious high calorie muffin, donut or bagel - not even a single 80 calorie itsy bitsy timbit.  I am rather proud of myself!

Sunrise Run

Last night I told my husband I was going to run in the morning.  He agreed to join me - which is great because I'm not totally comfortable running early mornings alone on the streets and was already cursing the possibility of running on the dreadmill.  The cold, wet, dark mornings are coming soon so I know that if I'm going to continue AM workouts, I may be faced with that dreadmill more often than I'd wish.

The alarm went off and he laid there, immobile.  I waited a few minutes and then mumbled something about feeling yesterdays workout.  He still lay immobile.  Finally I said, "I'm going for a run.  If you wanna come, now is the time".  He'd completely forgot!

We got our butts out the door and it was a beautiful morning.  The sun was just part way up.  The ponds were covered in rising mist.  Leaves are starting to change.  Stunning!

The entire run I trailed behind him.  I felt OK, but for the life of me I couldn't quite keep up.  Every time I sped up, he seemed to still be the same distance in front of me.  I've changed my Garmin to no longer display pace - just distance - so I really had no idea how fast we were going.

I was shocked when I got back and plugged it in to see that it was one of the fastest non-interval runs I've done in a while (8:52/mile).  He really is the best running partner I've got. 

Tonight I'm going to do another shred style workout.  My aim is at least 4 days/wk.  Right now I feel good, so I will do one.  If I need a rest day, I'll take it.

Keep Active!



Marlene said...

You have the right attitude. Nothing to hide!

Awesome on the morning run!!!

kimert said...

You go girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

Think your mother should wash her mouth out with soap!!!!

Syl said...

sounds like a glorious run Heidi, I did my shred this morning and am thinking of a pm run. I woke up a bit under the weather (I think it's stress related from all that is going on, you know me all or nothing ;-). I'll see how I am feeling later.
Keep up the great work, and I absolutely love your attitude!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

I'm impressed with just tea at Tim Horton's...that is pure willpower! It is where the devil lives, I'm convinced. Great run, too! Woohoo!

Fran said...

Boy I wanted to be with you on that run, it sounds so beautiful!

I'm getting back to morning runs next week but it's going to be dark so I have to run through the village, normal route is too dark.

Congrats on your fast run!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Nice job getting out there in the morning. Best way to start a day!

I love you boldness. Your beginning bikini photos are great. I cant' wait to see the progress too!

Anonymous said...

good job on waking and getting out there! congrats.
now that i learned how to wake up early....i love it! i absolutely love it!!

Marcelle said...

You ROCKED that bikini girlfriend...
None of us could have done it and gotten away with it like you can.
If I get to 60kgs the end of this challenge I think I will do the bikini as what a Nana can look like, lose skin, wrinkles and all!!!!
We have to embrace it...You so right.

Kyle and Darci said...

Heidi!! You're doing SO great!! Getting up in the AM isn't the easiest. I need to get back into that routine.

And to comment on your previous look GREAT!!! You have great muscle definition!

Teamarcia said...

Ugh I was that same girl with the 'not good enough' body. In hindsight it was plenty good.
Nice job getting out there early!

The Linz (Destination 26.2) said...

Such a great post! I can relate to the feeligns of being insecure with my own body and trying now to live in a more comfortable state with myself. Good for you for posting those pics of yourself and I wish you luck on your challenge!! :)

99ToGo said...

Were any of us secure in our bodies as teens? I had a pretty decent bikini body too, and was terrified of what others might be thinking...funny enough, I too, am more comfortable in my own skin (as stretched out, flawed, and covering more real estate than before) now than I was back then...

Nice pace!! Terribly jealous, I must admit. I will be thrilled when I'm running a 9 minute mile ;)

Nej said...

I've often wished that I would have dressed more to my body type when I was younger, and not so baggy. I wish I'd appreciated what I had then. :-)

Walked to tea, ONLY had a tea, a morning run...and the shred workout 4 times a week. You've got it under control!!!