Saturday, September 4, 2010

Squeezed it in

Just a quickie post.

This morning started off slow (slept in, made the family breakfast, relaxed), and I have a few things I wanted/needed to get done. 

My first thought ... "ah, skip the workout today". 
My second thought ... "yeah, but I haven't done a strength workout in two days.  I've vowed to do at least 4 days per week". 
My third thought ... "Really, no one would truly know if I did it or not". 
My fourth and most important thought ... "No, they wouldn't.  But I would!  If I want to see results I HAVE to put in the effort."

Shred Level 1 completed for the day!

Other than that, today is a rest day (aka clean house, grocery shop, go visit friends).

Tomorrow is looking to be a very active day.

Keep Active!



Syl said...

I had the same conversation with myself the last two days as I'm ill but got through it and am very proud of not only me but you heidi, great work!

Running Diva Mom said...

yeah you! congrats on doing it! never want to let YOURSELF down. Great job!

The Linz said...

Good for you Heidi! It's sometimes hard to want to get that workout in but afterwards you feel a million times better! Proud of you!! :)

Fran said...

The best one to be proud of you is you. Because you know how hard it was to resist that inner voice and you've beaten it!

Community gardens was the word I was looking for but couldn't think of it. Thanks!

About the water, I totally understand now why you don't drink it at work. Luckily the water in Holland is good everywhere but when I'm in the south of Europe I only drink bottled water, because the quality over there isn't as good as it is here.

Marcelle said...

LOL....hehehehe, LOL....hehehehe

I know all about the inner voice and fear it as it will come sometime this month I far I am doing well and its leaving me alone,but know its also going to say * HELLO * to me.

I'm so pleased you pushed that voice aside and did your workout...cause you know what I the end of the 30's I want to feel I DID IT...if I cheat I will never have that satisfaction of knowing I did the keep going...

ajh said...

Good for you! I got out there and did it today too. Yeah for us.

Tamara said...

Can you be the voice in my head please???? I bet you would "take care of me" if I came out there for a month! I'd be in the best shape of my life! :)

Lynsey said...

I wish I would've had the same talk. I couldn't talk myself into anything yesterday.

Missy said...

Good job getting yourself to do it!!! Muy impressivo ;o) Have a great week!

Nej said...

Way to go!!! Sometimes convincing yourself is the hardest thing! :-)