Friday, September 3, 2010

Water Often

Last night I was so exhausted ... and hungry.  Came home from work and immediately ate dinner (at 4:30!).  Then shortly after I had major munchies, and also felt like snoozing on the couch.  Energy levels were super low and craving levels were high.  I opted for air popped popcorn.  Our prune plums were ready for picking so my daughter & niece picked a bowl and I made a couple of plum cakes (pflaumenkuchen) from them.

Note:  This is NOT the recipe I used, but similar

I didn't have much of the cake, but it did put me over on my points for the day - and I was still feeling like I could eat.  Suddenly it dawned on me .... I hadn't drank water ALL day!  Nothing - not even juice.  Just a few cups of tea in the morning.  Normally I take a large bottle of water with me to work, then refill it at least once or twice when I get home.  I had forgotten it yesterday and was thoroughly parched by the time I finally drank.  No wonder I was tired & munchy. 

After I downed the water though I was still tired, so off to be at 9pm.  I'm surprised I slept through the night, and was even still a bit sleepy when the alarm went off at 6am.

This morning was  another 4 mile run with my husband.  We chose a local trail and it was at least as beautiful as the yesterday.  My dog, Little Miss Tia, MUCH prefers the trails and she had a blast.  The trail we took is VERY hilly so our pace was much slower than yesterday.  But it was lovely!

When we got back I felt like I was starving!  Had a bigger breakfast than usual.  But I also feel the twinge of a little cramp that tells me that this extra hunger today and yesterday is signs of a visitor arriving soon.  I will have to be very mindful in the next few days to only eat as my body needs, not as it craves.

This weekend I'm taking my daughter shopping, going to a friend's BBQ, the kids are having friends over to use the waterslide and have a campfire.  There will also be a long run, and a run with friends.  And LOTS of shredding (or shred-style workouts as I say).  Possibly some horse riding and/or bike riding too.  Ahhh, the last weekend of summer before all the craziness begins.  Have a great long weekend everyone!!

Keep Active!



kimert said...

I call my Camelbak water bottle my extra right hand. It goes every where with me. But I do notice on the days I don't get all my water in that I am a little extra munchy. Hope you have a great weekend!

Laura said...

Happy Long weekend. I could not imagine not having water all day..I am such a camel that I average about 4 litres per day.

99ToGo said...

All of your activity sounds so healthy, and makes me ready for bed at 9pm just reading about it. What I wouldn't give to have a horse to go hop on and ride around ;)

Forward Foot Strides said...

Oh that plum cake looks good! Guilty confession: I clicked on your post thinking the cake was a box of chicken wings.

Marcelle said...

I am at fault as well when it comes to water...I am not drinking enough...I drink 3 cups of coffee as that takes the hunger edge off and cause its getting so cold I see the water on my counter but dont reach out for it...I know this is wrong...I too have to add more water into my day....

I also find there are days I can eat hoping I dont have many of those days on the challenge.

Fran said...

Can't you leave a bottle at work? I have a bottle at work which I fill up in the morning and the afternoon and have a bottle at home in my kitchen. But I have to say that there are days I still don't drink enough water.

I understand you have a long weekend ahead? Enjoy it, you sure got lots of good plans.

Nej said...

I keep a bottle on my desk at work. When I'm not active, I can't drink straight water, makes my stomach upset. But those crystal light packets in water seem to be doing the trick. I could tell that my water drinking level was WAY down while out of town last week....dehydrated like crazy!!!