Monday, September 13, 2010

Tell Me How I'm Supposed to Breathe with No Air

Ugh!  I'm sick ... again.  Last time it was the first 3 weeks of July.  Let's hope this one is MUCH less than that.  With me, as soon as I get sick, it goes straight to my sinuses.  No nose breathing, heavy pressure in my eyes, teeth & head.  So annoying!

I didn't do anything physical all weekend.  I could not.  Sinus pressure, sore throat, coughing, weakness, fever.  I had hopes to meet up with my friends on Sunday morning for a run, but after taking some medicine in the middle of the night I slept like a rock and woke up 3 minutes before our scheduled meet up.  I wouldn't have been able to run anyways, plus it was absolutely pouring out (welcome fall!).

The only thing I did all weekend was take the kids to their soccer games.  My daughter's team won 5-3.  They hadn't had a single practice yet, and my daughter hasn't played since she was about 8 or 9.  And at that she barely played then.  Only reason she signed up back then was because she desperately wanted the soccer shoes and I wouldn't let her have them unless she tried the sport.  It was a disaster.  She was a little frustrated because she doesn't know how to play, has had no practice, and is so painfully self concious about looking like she doesn't known what she's doing.  It's just a recreational team, but she is pretty much the least experienced.  At least she has a pretty strong team around her and the girls were all nice.

My son's team lost 4-3 to their arch rivals.  They were ahead 3-2 but let it go near the end.  There was "only" 3 near fights.  As they get older things certainly get more tense.  At least with soccer if they actually got to the point of throwing punches the penalties are pretty stiff.  Actual fights are very rare, but with boys the threat is always right under the surface.  But yeah, 5 minutes into the first game of the season and a rather large boy from the other team comes after one of our kids.  Luckily his coach & teammates called him off. 

If I had a little more time on my hands, and could find a completely recreational team (as I have NO soccer skills), I would love to play soccer.  Such an amazing workout.  My son typically plays 80-90 minutes in a 90 minute game and is running most of the time.  I've played with the team a few times when they were a bit younger and could barely walk the next day.  It's certainly a good all around workout.

Hopefully in a day or two I'm among the living again and then I'm going back to the Shred.  And more of it!  I think I need to do minimum 5-6 days per week, not 4.  And I'm going to take this challenge into October as well.

Until next time ....

Keep Active!

(and stay healthy)



Marlene said...

Oh no, sorry to hear that you're sick again! Here's wishing for a speedy recovery.

Mark said...

Sorry to hear that you're sick :(

If your daughter wants to improve quickly, tell her to do kick ups. It's a great way to learn ball control. Also, when she's not playing with her girls team, she should try playing with boys. Training against their speed and strength would be a great way to get better.

Just a couple of ideas from the home of football :p

Teamarcia said...

Ugh so sorry you're sick! Hope it passes quickly!

99ToGo said...

I hope you're up to snuff soon. I am not looking forward to cold/flu season at all.

I love the reason behind your daughter's decision to try soccer again. I hope she has the patience to give it a good try. I played for the first time as a freshman in high school b/c sports were required, and I really didn't want to run track or play softball.

I played all through the rest of high school by choice and LOVED it. What I wouldn't do to have a women's rec league nearby...

Syl said...

Oh I'm so glad you can't blame this on me.. ;-).
Get better Heidi, I feel your pain, really I do, I can't wait to run again!!!

Marcelle said...

So sorry to hear you feeling poorly, and at this time...NOT ON!!!
Good that you taking time off...if u anything like me you will try train when u sick...cause train u

Great on all the soccer I'm into Rugby, its the biggest sport in South Africa and its all the international games...The All Blacks are amazing ( from New Zealand ) my team is called The

I will also be taking this challenge into October, before my Cape Town holiday. but if I need to go to hospital for 7 days I will have to walk as there will be nothing else I can do there...up and down the stairs for half an hour a day.

Fran said...

I'm with you (and Marcelle) I'm doing the challenge in October too.

I'm so sorry to hear you're sick again, I can feel your frustration and hope you will be better soon this time.

You should live in Europe where soccer is in most countries (including Holland) the biggest sport but you already knew that I think. These days there is almost every night a soccer game on tv, bit too much for me as the hub and I only watch the games of the Dutch national soccer team.

Anonymous said...

sucks that ur not feeling well.
lots of green tea and orange juice.
hope u feel better.

Missy said...

Ugh, I hope you feel better soon! It's no fun to be sick again!!!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

I hope you feel better quickly.

Uck! I don't like fighting over...well, anything. That's a sign that the competitive nature has gone a little too far.