Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall Challenge Begins

I suppose this is really a September challenge, but I'm calling it a Fall Challenge because I want it to extend longer.

Now ... for those nasty weight/measurements and starting pics.  Never something most of us want to share, but it's step one towards change, improvement and accountability.  These are from a few days ago.

Weight - 153.6

Chest - 38"
Waist - 34.5"
Hips - 38.5"
Thigh - 22.75"
Arm - 12.25"


Don't love 'em ... don't completely hate 'em .... can't WAIT to see the progress!

Started the challenge off right by doing this workout this morning.  I created another blog to record my various workouts on.  Feel free to borrow whatever interests you.  I haven't added much yet, but more will be coming SOON!

I very badly need to go grocery shopping tonight.  Our cupboards and fridge are nearly bare and I need REAL food!

Keep Active!



Marcelle said...

Hot, Hot, Hot Sista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am following your other blog as well...a stalker!!!!! ;)

You look great honestly.
I am taking measurements tomorrow as cant find my tape, will borrow mommy's when I train her tomorrow.

Liz said...

Ok, my goals are similar to you, but there is no way I'm taking pictures. You look Fabulous-keep up the great work!

Marlene said...

Good for you putting it all out there! Good luck in your challenge!

Anonymous said...

good job putting ur pix out there..u look great already.....and good luck with ur challenge.
great start!!
i might be borrowing some of those workout from the other blog! hehe

misszippy said...

You look fab already, so imagine how you will look when you are done! Good luck with it.

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Hi Heidi! I missed you! You look really toned in those pictures, so you must have some very specific goals in mind. Go Heidi!

Suzy said...

Lookin' good! You are braver than I am putting pictures out there.

Teamarcia said...

Good luck with your challenge! I think you look pretty darn hot already!

99ToGo said...

You're looking great!! There are probably no professional models who would do swimsuit shots without being Photoshopped, and here you are, bold and beautiful! Can't wait to hear how your Fall challenge goes...

Mon said...

Good for you! And good luck with your fall challenge! With all your hard work, you will surely find success! :)

Happy September!

Missy said...

Heidi you look amazing! You totally rock that bikini!!! I completely understanding wanting to do more for your body though. Good luck this fall!!!

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Awesome job with the start of the challenge!! Cheering for you from the couch and bag of chips (my typical fat-making day). :(

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

And PS
Your pictures are really good! Can't wait to see how your results will look! Keep it up!

Nikki said...

Brave, brave woman! I think posting the pictures is a great idea though - good luck with the fall challenge! Wish I could be joining you too, but instead I'll be working on gaining (baby) weight this fall. Ha ha.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

way to go on putting it all out there! definitely helps me be accountable.

we do a fun Holiday Bootie Buster challenge starting in November with like 150 bloggers, which is also additional motivation!

Neeks said...

Your photo's look great!! Good luck with the Fall Challenge! I am sure that you will look even more fabulous!!

Syl said...

Heidi not only are you brave but you are GORGEOUS!

Susan ( All Things In Moderation) said...

OMG! I envy you! Your so muscular in a very feminine way. You look incredible already!

maranda said...

I just found your blog. You look amazing in your picture. Hope your challenge brings you the results your after. Have a question for you how to you do the tabs at the top of your page? Would you email me and let me know how @glimpesofme @ gmail .com

Fran said...

I think you look great, love, love, love those legs of yours, so strong!

Like Marcelle I'm going to follow your other blog too, so it's official: stalker number 2 has arrived :)

I'm going to do the challenge for at least two months too so Fall challenge is a better word for it.