Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Recap

Despite having many periods of torrential downpour this weekend, it actually went pretty good and I was lucky to not get caught in it during any of my outdoor activities.

Friday night a good friend came over and we watched The Last Song.  I didn't cry near as much as the first time I saw it, but still really enjoyed it.  I haven't spent alot of time with this friend for a while and it was nice to just hang out and not really do anything.

Saturday my daughter had a soccer game.  As we prepared to leave the skies emptied.  I got all geared up in warm/dry clothing, she put on an extra layer ... and we headed out.  It was an hour drive to the field and on the way there the skies cleared and it actually got hot.  I had a teensy little tank top on under my sweater and wasn't quite comfortable enough to strip down to that.  Almost felt wrong to think about complaining about the heat. :) On the way home from her game I spotted a new trail that I can not wait to try out!!!

Later that afternoon, we went to one of the local schools for a little run.  Her gym class has been doing a timed 2400 Meter (1.49 mile) run.  They need to complete it in 24 minutes to pass.  Seriously ... 24 minutes?  Does that not seem exceptionally slow for a run, especially for 14 yr old kids?  I can walk faster than that. 

I was curious how long it would take me.  My daughter said she's done it in about 15 minutes and she's not at all a runner.  My son, who could be a runner but choses not to, said he averages around 10 minutes, with about 9 minutes being his fastest.  That's a 6 minute mile - I dream of that.  My daughter dropped out of her practice run halfway through, but I continued on.  I thnk she was a bit intimidated because she couldn't keep up with me on the first loop.

It took me 11:38 to run it.  Average 7:48 mile pace.  It was tough!  Had it been any longer I could not have kept up that pace and am a little surprised that I was even able to do it.  I definitely see a benefit in doing this short, fast distance more often.  It was probably 10 times harder than any regular run I ever do.  We also did a few short sprint races after.  She's pretty fast on about a 100M sprint, but then peeters out.

And boy did I feel it the next day when my husband and I went out on our weekly long run.  We started out with our friends but then branched off onto another trail that is quite hilly.  My legs swore at me on every little incline and my pace was painfully slow.  After we came home we both crashed.  Had a quick breakfast followed by a one hour nap.  The rest of the day was a write off for me.  So lethargic, sore, a bit of a headache.  I've had this before and I think it's just from pushing hard.  My body will adjust.  After being sick last week I think I'm still in recovery mode a bit.  We did 7 miles, and while I'm proud of that, I am so painfully impatient to get back to long runs.  7 miles used to be easy, comfortable - not a long run.  I can not wait to test myself on the upper teens & beyond.

Today every muscle in my body hurts from the added weights workouts.  Abs, arms, my entire legs.  OUCH!  I've been stretching all day at work.  Tonight will be a nice, easy light run - followed by some strength work.

EDIT:  Hmmm, I just went back and read a previous post from when I had this headache/extreme fatigure type situation after a run before.  A few interesting things/common threads here.  One, the recently added strength workouts.  Two, the next day weight gain.  Yesterday I ate 22 out of my 21 allowed WW's points.  With that run I would have earned about 7 points that I could have eaten as well.  My last meal was finished by about 6:00, so no late meals and I definitely didn't go over my calorie/WW points budget - yet this morning I weighed 3 lbs more than I have in the last week.  I'm not worried about the weight gain, but it is strange seeing the similarities here.  Definitely someting going on.  I feel like I've had adequate water lately, but maybe was still a bit dehydrated from being sick. Hmmmm, interesting.

Keep Active!



Marlene said...

My weight is up by 3-4 lbs the day after a long run. (only for a day or 2, then it drops) I've read/heard that muscles retain water when repairing themselves.

Missy said...

Woman you are FAST!!! Very impressive!

Kyle and Darci said...

it's been a while since i've done a short, quick run like that, but now you have me curious!!

ajh said...

Fast fast fast!

Syl said...

Holy Crap girl, you are FAST!
I keep reading today about everyone's running, I am getting out tomorrow while Justin is in preschool and I can't wait, it has been far too long!
Great work Heidi, oh and I will be posting the link tomorrow!

99ToGo said...

Okay, my 11 minute miles are looking even more pathetic right about now ;)

Could it be your horomoneees? (The extra e's are in honor of the nutty lady in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. If you haven't seen it, it's a must!)

Fran said...

You are fast girlfriend! Bet you show those kids something. Even I who is a slow runner thinks 24 minutes for 2.4K is long :)

You had some great workouts this weekend, great work, as always an inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was just going to also say that you are one speedy lady! :)

Marcelle said...

YOU are my running QUEEN...this is what got me hooked on your freaking fast this woman is!! Such an inspiration...remind me never to run with you!!!! :)

About the weight gain....I'm giving up honestly....I agree, what more can one do ~ and if you doing it all then let it be...thats my attitude, if I cheat and see gains then I know why, but if I do what is needed and still gain...then I have no control...

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Super duper fast lady!!! Awesome!

kimert said...

Your edit sounds so much like my body and how it reacts when I have a long run followed by a normal on plan day. I get frustrated when I stay within points, eating healthy ALL DAY LONG and then run 6 miles yet gain the next day. I am not sure if my body is just holding onto what I did eat that day or if I am retaining fluid (because for some reason I swell after long runs no matter the amount of water I drink). Needless to say it is frustrating!!

Mon said...

Great job! Super impressive on the run! :)

Nej said...

I can't WAIT for the day that a 7 mile run is easy, comfortable, and not long!!! :-) :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

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