Thursday, October 14, 2010

10 Miles, Race Pics & Well Wishes

There are so many people doing big races this weekend and I want to wish them all good luck.  I hope you ladies have an amazing time at your races.  I want to mention these ladies who are all conquering their FIRSTS at certain distances:

Linzi @ Destination 26.2 Doing her FIRST full marathon at the Nike Marathon in San Francisco.  I am SO excited for her.  She has worked so hard for this and has been a huge inspiration to me.

Aneta @ Confessions of a Rambunctious Runner - Also doing her FIRST full marathon, the Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon.  These last few weeks have been a challenge for Aneta (injuries and flu symptoms just to name a couple), but she is trudging forth with amazing spirit.  I can't decide if I'm more excited to read her race report, or to see what cute running outfit she picks for this race.

Nej (Jen??  OMG how did I not see that before, duh) @ I Think I Can, I Think I Can - Running her FIRST half marathon.  She has just recently been suffering from some leg pains and a bit of pre-race doldroms (don't you hate those), but is so excited to conquer this beast.  She's also looking for some "after the big race" ideas for "what's next?".

I wish all you ladies the best on your FIRSTS this weekend and look forward to your race recaps!

Stop by and wish these ladies good luck.

Now ... ABOUT ME! (because, really, isn't it ALL about me - haha)

My friend sent me the picture she took after our race this weekend.  What a ham!  Not my hottest, but this is me, hahaha. 

Speaking of goofy pics.  I found a couple from the actual race.  I can't decide if I run in my sleep or this is some horrible coincidence.  I can't post the actual pictures here but you can see them at these links:

Actually, I know what the problem is here.  I tend to look at the ground when I run, which makes my eyes appear closed.  I try to force myself to look up, but then I worry that I'll trip over something and history tells me this is a real possibility. 

Another thing I notice (and has been oh so sweetly pointed out to me by my loving, caring, embarrassed husband and children) is that I run with my shoulders hiked up and my elbows high.  The more tired I get, the more they creep up.  I've been working on trying to let them hang down more, but they have a mind of their own.

A few weeks ago I was laughing at the girl on that Lotto 6/49 commercial (it may be a local thing .. I can't find a video of it).  Anyway, it's based on their "Can You Imagine" campaign and shows a woman running basically all over the world - because she can.  I was commenting on her posture.  She is VERY erect and holds her arms quite high.  My family all looked at me like I had fallen off the turnip truck and informed me that I run just like that.  Hmmmm, so I look weird but apparently could do commercials.  Yup, I'm going with that.

This weekend I have 10 miles planned and I'm going to try out a new route.  I'm hoping I can have a biking companion along with for company and supplies.  That would be nice!  I haven't done a double digit run since April, and I can't wait!

Have a great weekend!!!

Keep Active!



99ToGo said...

Look at you, strong woman!! Your calf muscles are things of great beauty :)

I was harrassed on many occasions for running like a maniac with my arms all over the place (during soccer). I understand my coach's and teammates' concern, as flailing arms tend to attract airborn balls, and thus, hand-balls, which (how many commas can one woman use in one sentance?) bring on pentalty kicks when the player happens to be a defender. But I think the pin-wheeling arms were my way of gaining balance on a very lumpy field. I notice my arms behave themselves now that I am running on pavement. Yours look fine, by the way, and I vote for the commercial look!

Nikki said...

My arms always look stupid when I run. They're either super high and my shoulders are all hunchy or I'm too tired to hold them up and I end up pulling them into my sides. A graceful runner, I am so not!!

ajh said...

I'll be looking for you on the next running commercial I see!

Marlene said...

YAY first-marathoners! So pumped for those ladies!

Great race pics... even with the eyes down.

kimert said...

Girl, thosre are great race pics...even if you are looking down in a couple! (I do the same thing!!! lol)
Yay for all those firsts!

Fran said...

Love, love, love the pics! You look fantastic! Especially the first pic is great!
I always look down too, same reason as you: afraid to fall over something. Especially this time of year when all the leaves are on the ground you have to be careful.

I love your red shirt too!
Don't you use the heart rate function on your Garmin during a race? Noticed you wear it around your wrist.

I've been following Linzi for a long time now and am so excited for her. I visited the other ladies too, especially Nej is a runner like me, sorry I didn't find out about her blog before. But it's never too late to follow someone, is it?

Again: you look great my stunning, beautiful blogger friend!

Anonymous said...

i know that commercial...and i never look like that while i run! lol

thank you very much for the shout out. you are an incredibly sweet person. thank you, thank you.

happy weekend to you

Missy said...

Love the pictures. You are TINY and look great!!!!

Kyle and Darci said...

Love the race pics, thanks for sharing! I catch myself looking at the ground sometimes (depending on where I'm running!) I tend to be a bit clumsy! :p

Marcelle said...

Look at you hot hot babe you are!!!

Its all about YOU, thats why I come to your blog cause I want to read all about YOU>>>>>!!!¬

Weird how other people notice our running styles, I notice the running styles of the girls I run with, some take ( most ) small and quick steps ~ if I run next to them I have to tell myself to make my stride slower and bigger otherwise I run like them too.

I also look at the ground..what if there is something and you miss and fall over?????? and I hate seeing the hills ahead of me, if I look down and tackle the hill I find it easier.

jamie@sweatyhugs said...

You look fantastic! I love the last photo of you. Def. a keeper. :) I too run with my shoulders hiked up and found that I was so sore in my shoulders after RNR VA Beach. I need to correct that bigtime. LOL

Anonymous said...

Must be a family trait. I look down all the time when I am walking - have even almost walked into people coming towards me. Sometimes I even scare myself when I look up and they are really close. Oops, sorry! LOL Ma

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet shout out! :) You have been such a huge support for me through this training and I just wanted to say thank you! :) Hope you 10 miles went well! And i loved the pic!

Nej said...

That picture of you hamming it up is classic!!! You look great!

I was looking through the pics taken of me along the half marathon route last night (and, for the low low cost of 1 million dollars, I can buy - giggle).....every single picture, it looks like I"m getting ready to blow a bubble gum bubble. Apparently I run with my lips puckered. embarrassing to say the least. :-) :-)