Thursday, October 21, 2010

Light Bulb Moment


Last night we did hill repeats.  1 mile warm-up jog to the base of a hill.  Then 10 repeats of about 250 Meters each.  I forgot to time the first two but the remainder were like this:

Hill 3 - 1:20
Hill 4 - 1:17
Hill 5 - 1:16
Hill 6 - 1:16
Hill 7 - 1:15
Hill 8 - 1:17
Hill 9 - 1:15

then for the final one I decided I would go as hard as I could ...

Hill 10 - 1:10

You wouldn't think a measly 5 seconds would make much of a difference, but let me tell you ... I thought I was going to puke! 

I was pleased to see that I mostly got progressively faster as they went on.  Hills are something I need work on.  They always slow me down alot in a race.


Lately I've begun experimenting with on the run fuel.  My first venture included Cliff Shots Razz Energy Gel (disgusting!) and Luna Moons (not bad).  For last weekends impromtu half marathon training distance I brought along full strength Gatorade instead of water.  This actually went well.  I have used powdered Gatorade before, mixed to be quite watery, but I didn't love it.  The full strength pre-mixed Gatorade seemed to be good.  Although, as I wasn't expecting my husband to run with me, we only had one 500mL bottle between the two of us and had to share.  I think a whole bottle to myself would have been better.  I had one Luna Moon left for each of us.  It was nice to have, but not nearly enough.  When I move up to longer runs I am going to need fuel.

I'm not a huge fan of commercial products (like the Gu's, Sport Beans, etc.) so would rather give more regular foods a shot.  Pretzels and PB&J sandwiches are on my list of things to try.  I read an article in this month's Running World that mentioned Dean Karnazes has ordered pizza enroute ... doesn't that sound enticing!  I might even give it a try.  Not a whole pizza mind you ... just a slice.

I'm struggling a bit with re-fueling after a long run.  I didn't used to have any hunger after runs, but lately I've been a starving, tummy grumbling monster.  Yet, I'm too tired to really put anything decent together and find myself grabbing foods that don't do much for me.  Because I make poor choices, the nibbling continues for the rest of the day.  I need to be more prepared so I don't have to put any effort into it, so I can have it ready to eat as soon as I get home.  After my last two long runs I did enjoy a big serving of cold chocolate milk.  That was all I thought about during the last mile of last weekend's 13.1.


Yesterday I was thinking.  My eating has become habit.  I prepack my breakfast and lunch every morning for work.  Typically it's about the same thing, always in the same quantities.  It occurred to me yesterday ... why not reduce the quantity a little. 

Really, would I notice it that much if I had a Tablespoon less of my morning oatmeal?  If I had 4 crackers instead of 5?  A little less than a cup of pasta? 

Those are little changes.  I probably wouldn't even notice them ... but maybe my body would.

Part of me has given up fighting to get this last bit of fat off me.  I can't stand the thought of journalling anymore - I have years and years of journals.  I haven't weighed myself in probably over a month.  Not even the measuring tape.  I'm not interested in being obsessive with it anymore.  But yet, I still would like to feel better.  I'd still like to be trimmer and lighter, which would no doubt help me improve my running (which is the most important to me these days).

Such a simple concept ... now let's see how it plays out.

What's your favourite post-workout food?

Keep Active!



Marlene said...

5 seconds over about 250m (uphill no less!) is HUGE! Congrats on the repeats and way to push it on the last one.

I hope those little changes help you achieve what you are working towards... sounds like a good plan!

kimert said...

I cannot do Gatorade at all. But I did notice a couple of runs where I ate some pretzels before hand and felt like I had more energy for my run than when I had tried Gu or the like. So, give that a shot and I bet you will be surprised like I was!!
Way to go on the hill repeats! I hate those as much as I do intervals. LOL
Change is good! Even those small ones I bet will make a difference! Sometimes it just takes tricking our body a bit to get things moving in the direction we want! Good luck!!

Syl said...

This little "experiement" of ours has got me thinking to Heidi, I plan to write about it but it definately has changed my views on carbs! and I'm only 5 days in ;-).
Sometimes we just need to sit back and evaluate things that work for us and just go in feet first!

Still can't even picture myself swallowing GU ;-). But that pizza sounds YUMMY! Don't tell peter I said that ;-) LOL! Just kidding!

Anonymous said...

5 seconds is huge on a hill repeat! that is awesome! i am glad my training is done and no more hill for me! hehe

i like full fat gatorade. i used it during my marathon and it was great.

i also love pretzels on long runs. I tend to crave salty thing during runs, and pretzels are awesome. u just have to make sure that you have lots of fluids with u, as they may be a bit hard to swollow.

also, have you tried gummy bears during the run? or orange slices? or even chocolate?

Angela said...

Awesome on the repeats! I had the worst time finding a fuel I could stand during runs. Gatorade didn't feel like "enough." Most gummies, gels, chunks of stuff make me sick. Finally found I could get down one flavor of Hammer Gel (apple cinnamon), so now I buy it in bulk. Hope they never discontinue it or I'm in trouble! I'm terrible at re-fueling. I never feel like eating anything, but then later on I feel terrible b/c of lack of food. Working on that one!

Anonymous said...

I'm am so happy for you and your rockin' hill repeats! Running the hills can be HARD i know this -so way to go on pushing yourself through it and doing it faster each time. Yes I would have to admit that I quite enjoyed my chocolate break during my marathon. Never thought I would suggest it for a fuel - but it worked! :) Good luck on figuring out what works.

Kyle and Darci said...

Great job on the & hills are NOT friends! ;)

Liz Finch said...

I love your lightbulb moment!!! That's so true. Remember- you can do it!!!!

Fran said...

Wow! Great hills workout Heidi! You're one fast rocking girl!

My longest run is 12K till now. But I'm a total newbie on fueling during runs. From which distance do you suggest to fueling during a run? At this point I hadn't had a moment where I thought "now I could use something". I usually don't eat before my long run, only drink coffee. Bad? I have no idea but it works for me.
Could you help me out when to start with it?
I also have no idea what will work for me, I never had a gel but somehow I have the feeling I will not like it but maybe I should try.

About the chocolate milk, I've read in the last Dutch Runner's World that chocolate milk is perfect for after a run, maybe even better than a protein shake. I usually am not hungry after a long run but I always make a protein shake with milk.

About the eating, that's really a good idea, why haven't I thought about that? This past week I've been eating too much at lunch because I'm so hungry during the day.
I stop following the eating plan next week because the dinners are getting boring :blush: and I want to cook from my cook books and recipes again.

I've kept a journal for 2 months as you know and it was good for me to be aware of what I'm eating again but now that I've stopped it's okay too. I don't believe that we should journal or count calories or points our entire life. There comes a point we have to rely on ourselves what's good for us and seems to me you've reached that point. Because let's be honest: we know damn well what we have to do, we have read so much about weight loss that there is to read. All we have to do is just do it and we'll be fine (although I know from experience it's sometimes easier said than done :) )

Fran said...

Wow, that was a long comment :lol:

Marcelle said...

I like that light bulb moment u had about foods...I am also so over it...also want to look good etc, but having a number control my life is something I can live without...although saying that I am now very scared to climb on the scale as not sure what I will find.
Today I fitted on all my summer pants to see if they still fitted before I packed them in my suitcase...I was convinced they would be too tight...and guess what..they still fit the I think not weighing and stressing is working for me...

I used to make my dancing girls drink all these energy gels at Competition time...I never touched the stuff myself....the girls all found it gave them energy.

Nej said...

Chocolate milk for me after a run!!!!! I love it. Hubs has even started getting up after I when I get home, there is a huge glass of it already made when I open the fridge. He's so sweet!!!!! :-)

I haven't experimented AT ALL with fuel during a run. I take an electrolyte drink (crystal light, grape)...and that's that. Thinking I need to start trying different things though, now that I have that first half marathon under my belt.