Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Clean Bill of Health

Last week I had a bunch of blood tests done and yesterday I got the results.
  • Glucose - Good
  • Iron - Good
  • Thyroid - Good
  • Hormone Levels - Good
  • Cholesterol - Good 
Yippee!  A few years ago (before I lost weight, started eating healthier and began exercising regularly), my cholesterol levels were still within the normal range, but climbing.  I was warned I was borderline high and to make some changes.  I'd love to say that this was the thing that prompted me to change my lifestyle - but it wasn't solely.  It did however sit on my mind and has since become a driving force.  I'd hate to think of where I'd be 5-10 or 20 years from now if I had not changed my habits.

I must admit that I was a bit afraid that after all the changes I've made, that I wouldn't see any improvement.  This was a big relief!  I now feel confident that I am living a healthy lifestyle and have made changes that will serve me well in the years to come.

One of the changes, was really highlighted for me last week.  As we're living on such a budget lately, we have been using up as much food in our cupboards, fridge & freezer as possible and limiting shopping trips.  However, the produce doesn't last as long as necessary and I recently found myself with pretty much nothing fresh in that department.

Last week I hit up the produce stand and YUMMMMO, it was like Christmas for me.  I ate 3 pieces of fruit on the way home and then followed it with a massive stir-fry.  There was more than this, I didn't photograph it all.

My body was craving fresh produce!  It's hard to imagine people (like my son) who doesn't each much of this.  I hate to go without.

Tonight is some speedwork at the track.  I can't say I'm truly looking forward to it, but the benefits of it are my prize.

Keep Active!



Syl said...

I know exactly how that feels if I go without a piece of fruit or salad for a few days I get awfully cranky - Syl Cranky is not a good thing ;-).
Great news on your test results, such a great reward for all your hard work Heidi!

Marlene said...

Having a house full of freshj fruits & veggies is THE BEST! Mmmmmmm! YAY on the clean bill of health!

Good luck at the track!! No pain, no gain. ;)

jamie@sweatyhugs said...

Good for you taking charge of your health and getting a clean bill. This reminds me that I should probably set up some kind of physical for myself. I haven't had one in years. As always, thanks so much for the advice you posted on my blog yesterday. I really appreciate it. xo

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Glad you are healthy from the inside out!

Fran said...

I would have been surprised if you wouldn't be healthy and am glad you had such good results.

I'm terrible at eating my fruits in the weekends but on weekdays I get my daily doses in. I like fruits but just forget to eat it on Saturday or Sunday.

I'm going to host a virtual run soon, details will follow on my blog, was an idea of Syl and of course I would love you as my running example to join us in that.

Chris - said...

Nice job!!!

Mon said...

Some days I wished I lived on a farm (minus the work) just so I could have quick access to fresh fruits and vegetables! I love fresh produce! We recently joined out local CSA and it is amazing!

ajh said...

Now that our fresh veggies have gone I really miss them. I wonder if I would love them as much if we had them all year long. I'd like to find out!

Marcelle said...

Hello there...
So good to hear the results came back so good...a relief even when one knows you are healthy.

I love my fruit and veggies...I get veggie withdrawals...and do eat them every night...fruit in the day and veggies with salad at night....
Love Butternut...oh and sweet potato' can understand that you miss it, but of course cant understand your son...who does not love veggies...LOL...MY GRANDKIDS...

Jennifer said...

My health is finally what scared me into taking care of myself! I am new to your blog and love it. I have recently taken up running, and I am down about 65lbs total since my weight loss journey began. I have a blog too if you are interested!


Nej said...

I'm trying to incorporate more fruit into my diet. I love the taste, but can't get past the matter how I try. Last week I figured I'd pulverize it in the blender and see what happened. I loved it! No one can believe it when they see me buying fruit now. (giggle)