Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday's Run

I eluded yesterday that Sunday's run was pretty rockin' ... and that it was.

My original plan was to run 9 miles.  My normal running group didn't come out (I think one girl has an injury, not sure about the others), but my husband came along, as well as my new running friend and her husband (who despises running, but runs with her occassionally just so they do things together - cute huh?).  My husband is nursing a nagging injury this week and wasn't sure how much he was going to run.  He said he would try, but also brought along his bike just in case. 

We all started out together, walking & yakking too long - but it was fun.  Eventually we started to run.  The new running friend is just getting back into shape so her pace is a bit slow for me (for now, she'll catch up quick), but I decided to run the first mile along with them because I was enjoying the company.  After that, hubby and I ventured ahead on our own.

We kept the pace a little slower than usual and we're feeling pretty good.  But my hubby said that he didn't think he had 9 miles in his leg today.  I was feeling a little bummed out that I wouldn't get in what I had planned.

When we got to the turn around point I said to him "Why don't you stretch for a bit and I'm going to do a little extra loop".  That worked out well.  I had more than enough energy and was feeling really good.  As it was, someone in the parking lot was lost and as he helped the guy find his way, I got in another extra loop. YAYYY!

Around mile 6 I decided to try something new.  My friend had given me a couple of sample packs she had laying around.  First out came the Clif Shot Energy Gel in RAZZ.  Hubby and I were going to split it.

REVIEW:  Ummmmmm, ICK!  I seriously don't know how some people enjoy these things.  Nasty stuff!  I had a little then gave it to my hubby.  He had a tiny bit and nearly threw it at me.  I did chuck back the rest because I wanted to see how it affected me.  But really, I can't see myself trying this again.  Maybe another flavour or brand - but this one was gross.  My friend said if she never has to swallow another energy gel product in her life again, it will be a good life.  After years of having them she developed a gag reflex to them.  Nice!
Thankfully she had also given me a pack of Clif Luna Moons in Blueberry to try.

REVIEW:  Ahhhhhh, so much better!  We only had two moons each, to get rid of the nasty aftertaste from the gel.  I've had a product like this before and didn't enjoy the chewing and gummy bits all stuck in my teeth while running.  This time I chewed a little then basically just swallowed.  It gave me a little taste which my mouth needed, then just got it into my body as needed without sticking all over my teeth.  I'd be apt to use these again.

Did I notice a difference in energy after having these products?  No ... but I also didn't fade out at all.  It was also almost perfect running weather, so who knows.  I'll keep trying things and see how it goes.

The extra loops at the turn around gave me enough that I would finish the trail at about 8 miles.  Still less than I'd planned but not bad.  When I got to the end my husband was just ahead of me, as were my friends as they had run less distance.  They were all stretching out.  I was at 7.8 miles and just couldn't leave it at that, so kept going onto the road.  I don't like finishing a run on an odd number ... is that weird?

I got to the 8 miles and noticed the rest of the group had just started walking back to the coffee shop.  I figured I could get another 1/2 mile in before they wandered back there.  When I finally got to the coffee shop I was at 8.6 miles, and my husband was just ordering, so I barked out my order to him and went off to finish up the whole 9 miles.

So the 9 miles that wasn't to be, became the 9 miles that was.

And afterwards, other than feeling a bit tired from a very full weekend ... I felt great.  Not an ounce of muscle soreness, no pain.  I feel great!

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Syl said...

sounds like a great run Heidi!
I have never tried the Gu because just the sheer thought of them makes me cringe. But I have tried Sharkies - they are alot like the Luna Moons and I buy them at Sobey's. They are just like a gummy!
Great work on the run, that's so great that you were able to get a few extra loops in!

kimert said...

Sounds like you guys had a great run!!
I tried GU one time (recently) I thought I liked it but I haven't tried it again since. I do like Shot Blocks or whatever they are called but like you said they are sticky. I typically stick with PowerBar gels because i can grab them at the grocery store for less money than other energy products. I have loved Luna Bars in the past so I might be on the lookout for those Luna Moons!

Fran said...

Great run Heidi!

And you're not weird, I have the same with numbers to. I can't run for example 5.33K it has to be 5.4K then.

I have never tried a gel before, never needed it either because I don't run that long distances yet but I don't think I like it either. I will look for something different too when I'm going to need it.

Michelle said...

I use Shot Bloks, but they are rather sticky. I dislike the gels - they are too thick for me. Way to go on getting the 9 miles in!

Missy said...

Great job! 9 miles is awesome and sounds like it was a fabulous. I would love love love to be able to go out for a run and feel good about it. Maybe someday... You are definitely an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I love that you ran the full 9! I have issues with ending on a odd number too. If it's like 8.5 I can be okay with it, but 8.34 no way - I will run until it's hits on the .25. Anyways, I am not a huge fan of the Cliff shots. I had a bunch of them in strawberry and have to choke them down. I know they do me good, but I hate the flavor. I think I like the GU brand or Hammer better.

Marlene said...

You definitely have to get used to the gels. I have learned to "like" Gu... as in, I can get them down without gagging. I prefer the chews (Gu Chomps in particular) but use gels for the most part because they just go down quicker. Gu has tons of flavors too.


Nej said...

I have one of those Razz Clif shots sitting on the counter at home. Was going to try a gel for the first time this upcoming weekend. Something about them sounds disgusting, and I've yet to try it.

Have never heard of the Luna Moons though, will have to go find some!!!

Your run sounds awesome! I love that you have to end on a clean number...I'm the same way!!