Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome October!

I always love the beginning of a new month.  There's just this "renewed" feeling.  It's also a good time to look back on what was accomplished the previous month.

September was my first full month following my mileage build-up plan.  I started it late August.  And, other than one week where I got a really bad cold where breathing was beyond difficult, I am very happy to say I followed it.

Even with the one week off, I ran 71 miles (114Km) in just under 11 hours.  I'm quite pleased with that and look forward to doing more this month.

October's plan has me running over 100 miles.  As well, I'm taking part in Syl's Challenge to do 20 minutes (or more) of exercise per day.  Most days I do this, but there is the odd day where I laze out.  I think as part of this I will also be taking on the challenge that Marcelle followed last month to do 200 sit-ups, 4 sets x 10 push-ups and 4 sets x 12 tricep dips every day.  Those are muscles that surely need some work.  Just completed day 1 of that ... at work, on my office floor - hahaha.
Last night I did 5.3 miles at a very easy pace.  Ran by a movie crew filming which was kinda cool - lots of old cars and all set up to be very fall-like.  After speed work the day before my legs were feeling heavy.  But I like the challenge of running on very tired legs, they always feel better at the end.  Today is supposed to be a running rest day, although I am considering running to a friends house for tea after work and leave Saturday as a rest day from running before I tackle 9 miles this weekend!

This weekend I will also tackle putting up the fall/Halloween decorations.  We used to have a big Halloween party every year.  I sure miss that. :(  But I still enjoy the decorations anyway.

Have a great weekend!



The Linz @Destination 26.2 said...

Good job on the September Miles!! That is awesome and with taking the week off! :) You will rock October no doubt about it! And good luck on the niner this weekend!

Marlene said...

Sounds like some excellent challenges/goals to keep you on track for a healthy & active October! Love it!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Well I just feel like a big lazybones when I read your blog! Those are impressive numbers!!!

I;m trying to remember...were you always a runner? If not, how did you start? C25K?

Fran said...

You have some great plans for October and an impressive mileage for September. Well done Heidi.

I love new months too, like you I like a "new start" for everything.

Enjoy October but I'm sure you will.

Anonymous said...

welcome to October! yay!
good luck with ur goals!

happy weekend

Marcelle said...

you made me go back and check my running miles walking miles, bike or elliptical...and I was not sick...and what a shock I got to see it was 132km for the, are u not impressed with your understudy??????? heheheh, u know I am your fan...and want to impress my master!!!!

My October is starting off very differently with me...I have a heavy heart as I cant train the way I would like to before my SA holiday...going into hospital on Monday now and now okay with that besides I had a photo shoot on Monday I wanted to do...but will do it afterwards...Please hold thumbs its only 3/4 days and I will be home...I am going to train on Sunday...11km will be my last run till after hospital...and then cause of cortisone will have to take it slow again...will hit the treadmill for the km as the weather is not that good.

I have added more to my challenges and still doing it and plan to do it in hospital as well.

200 sit ups...all versions, even side
Tricep dips...20 and 4 sets
Biceps weights of 2kg ~ 30 and 4 sets
Stand up, lower down to my feet walk along the floor and doing push ups..walking back and standing up...
Forward lunges with biceps curls
Back lunges with bicep curls
Shoulders....too difficult to explain but saw it on Bob Harpers Website....
As I get stronger i feel the need to do more and more...and more...hehe, can u imagine me in hospital...finding all ways to train..walking up and down the stairs with my HR monitor on...hehehe

Nej said...

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and fall is my favorite season!!! I'm tired just reading about all that you have planned for workouts. It's great!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Neat to run by the film crew helps make the run more interesting.

Nice job on your challenge!

I hope your surprise activity is fun and the weather cooperates!

Mon said...

Love the picture! Makes me super excited for all the fun/hard work that October holds. Keep up with the awesome training, you are doing great!

Teamarcia said...

Very nice September! Yay for October and Halloween--we still do a big party.

99ToGo said...

So if your boss pops in when you're on the floor doing your toning work, how do you explain that? ;)

Syl said...

I love the colors of fall, but not a fan of halloween, I think it's the craziness of all that candy in my house and my kids bouncing off walls for a couple of days LOL!
Amazing work on your running Heidi! That's alot of KM and you should be very proud!