Monday, November 29, 2010

Little Miss Cranky Pants

Well, we got that snow we were hoping for, actually more.  I think I might be recovered now.  What a tough day.  Cold, wet, non-stop ... I sure do love my day job better.  Things didn't go quite smoothly, but I'm trying to forget about that.  Next time will be better.

Last week was a bust for me.  I had little time for running or workouts, and even less motivation.  I was completely zapped of all physical and mental energy.  To make matters worse, Friday & Saturday I was in one of those moods where, for the safety of others, it was probably best to lock me up in a small padded room without windows.  I wasn't playing nice.  Life stress was catching up with me.

Yesterday I had planned a long run with my friend, but we both bailed.  I NEVER bail on runs, but I really didn't have it in me ... and when she called me she really didn't want to do it either.  She phoned me and said, "No offence, but I don't want to see you today."  HAHAHA - I felt the same way.  Running is supposed to be fun for me, and when it becomes a chore I am not interested.  Because of this past week I may not reach my running goal for the year.  But I'm not giving up ... the quest will continue and I won't write it off just yet.  I will give it my all and do my best.

But all is good now.  I'm feeling human again!  I think it's safe to let me out with the general public.  Last night I even hit up the treadmill ... and enjoyed it!  How long has it been that I could actually say that?! 

I also broke out my journal again this weekend.  I have no idea what my weight is, my clothes fit fine, but I know that I haven't been making the greatest choices lately.  I've been time crunched and stressed and it has affected my eating habits.  It's time to reel things in before they slide out of control. 

Keep Active!



Anonymous said...

i also have not been making wise choices. might have to grab my notebook as well!

its ok to sometimes bail on a run. ur right. running is supposed to be fun and when it becomes a chore, no point of doing it!

Fran said...

Sometimes we have a few days when working out just isn't fun anymore. Taking a few days off usually does the trick and you proved that because you enjoyed the treadmill again.

I'm doing good on my workouts but in the eating department it isn't going to well. But I've decided since December is around the corner I just do my best and see where it ends this year.

Glad to hear you've got snow, what did you do: blow it my way :lol: We have it too and Bella is totally crazy about it.

Marlene said...

It's okay to give yourself a break sometimes! Hope you are feeling back to yourself this week.

Shellyrm said...

A few bad choices don't undo all the positive progress. I just eat a snickers bar. Yeah. I stole it from the left over Halloween candy that I brought to work to give to the kids who come in. I don't even really like candy bars. The things we do when we are stressed...mindless eating. But I'll get back on track tonight with a veggie-filled dinner! Just like you'll be back on track this week.

Syl said...

I know what would fix you miss cranky pants, having a costa rican coffee with your friend from Alberta ;-).

All kidding aside Heidi, I know exactly how you feel, there was one day on the cruise ship that I didn't want to see anyone including the hubby, I sat on our deck all day and read a book, I was home sick and cranky and didn't want to talk or see anyone. We all have days like that and it's ok!
Chin up beautiful!

ajh said...

Love the I don't want to see you remark! Glad you both agreed so no one was insulted!!

Your Fave Sister! said...

Glad you are feeling better sissy poo!! Mwah!

Marcelle said...

I think its this time of year and also having one's weight under control that these feeling arise...I see it with myself as well right now....
Right now I am not missing the snow as loving South African's African summer...but know that soon I will be heading back and then will sure enjoy it as its very magical!