Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November GOALS

So .... let's talk GOALS!

* Mileage Increase - My new running partner is signed up for the Goofy Challenge @ Disney in January which entails running a 10K, Half Marathon and a Full Marathon over a 3 day weekend.  Personally I think she's nuts to take this on in her current condition ... but I'm also jealous and would probably do it if I had the opportunity.  As such, she is training to increase her mileage by the end of the year, albeit at a slow pace.  I have agreed to train with her!

So far we have run up to 13 miles.  By the weekend before her race we will build up to 20 miles.  Me .... 20 miles???  I'm ready to take on this challenge.  I feel confident that I am in strong enough condition to keep on increasing my mileage at that rate, especially at a slower pace.  In November we plan to run one 12 miler, two 14 milers, and one 16 miler!

I will use these runs to test my mental endurance, to test different fuel methods, to learn more about recovery.  It should be a great learning experience.

This could get interesting as they are calling for the snowiest winter in over 50 years.  I may have to invest in some Yak Trax. 

Anyone try these things or similar product?

Some other things I plan to incorporate in November:

* Swimming - I plan to swim once a week for 45-60 minutes.  Right now I do 3-4 laps, stop, catch my breathe, adjust goggles, then continue.  I want to increase the number of laps in between.  I have NO plans to compete in swimming, but I do think it's great for cross training

Basic Exercises - Minimum 10 push-ups and 50 sit-ups per day ... every day.  While I feel this is very minimal and it makes me sad that it is my goal, it's WAY more than I have been doing so this alone would be huge progress.

* Hill/Interval training - At least once per week

* Tempo runs - It's fun to be social and I enjoy that, but if I'm slowing down my LSD runs substantially then I want to keep up my pace on a few shorter runs.  At least once a week I want to run 5-6 miles at about an 8:30 pace (9:00 if on trails).

If time/opportunity presents itself I'd also love to do another hike up Grouse Grind, some cycling, and a few more night time runs - those were fun!

So, that's my November plans.

Keep Active!



Marlene said...

The Goofy Challenge is actually just ("just" hahaha) the half and full marathon. There is a 5K Friday but it's not actually part of "Goofy" ... although many Goofballs like to do it and refer to it as "Dopey". Too funny.

I LOVED Goofy last year. You should put it on your list... for some day!

Good luck with your goals for November... awesome that you will have a buddy to build mileage with!

Nej said...

I've never worn them....but have the same curiosity as you. I'd like to keep running outside this winter as much as possible. I'm not so worried about the snow....but we get a TON of ice. Pretty sure I'll be inside on the treadmill more than I'd like.'s better than wiping out on the ice. :-)

Kyle and Darci said...

wow! sounds like quite a challenge, that's a lot of running in just 3 days!

Good luck w/your November goals! Love that you have some other things in there besides running, switching things up is always good!

Anonymous said...

good goals! i like em!

have fun swimming! i am not a swimmer at all, but i envy ppl who are! hehe hve fuN

Missy said...

Good goals. It's going to be a great month for you!

Fran said...

Love the goals!
A 10K, Half marathon and a full in 3 days? Respect for everyone who does that!

Training with your partner means that you are ready for a marathon too. Plans for that?

I've been missing you on my blog for a few days, maybe you're busy or something but you have a good reason to visit it now. You're one of the winners of the Pink Dress Run. Come over and see what you've won. Congrats!

jamie@sweatyhugs said...

Fantastic plan for November! Please be sure to run some miles for me. :)

Yaktrax said...

Hi Heidi,

My name is Clara and I work with Yaktrax- if you are interested in trying some of our products, send me an email!

Happy Trails! :)

ajh said...

LOVE Yak Trax! They are great!

Syl said...

There we go I'm able to post now, however when I come to your page it doesn't lay out all the posts I actually have to click on it wierd.....
You already know that I know that you know that you rock ;-).

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

I love your November goals! I need to join you in those pushups and situps.

I need Yak Trax too. We might get snow this weekend. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

I am curious to hear how those trax yax work. I have heard some good things - but I get freaked out by the idea of running in a place where I would need them. Me + ice = bad idea. I just know I would fall! LOL - and great goals for nov!! I would like to add swimming into my routine one of these days!