Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October Recap

I haven't done a monthly running recap in a while.


# of runs: 18 (tied for most with June)

Distance: .......... 104.5 Miles / 168.1 Kms  RECORD!
Monthly Goals:   Never set one, but was aiming for around 100 miles

Time Running: ...17 Hours 5 Minutes 35 Seconds


YTD Distance:  743 Miles / 1195 Kms

YTD Time Running: 114 Hours 28 Minutes 13 Seconds


I am SO proud of this month.  A few times this year I have set a goal to run 100 miles in the month.  While just meeting this goal is reason enough to make me proud, the thing that makes me the proudest is that I did it sanely.  I did NOT have to cram runs in at the end of the month to meet my goal.  I did not skip a bunch of days and then have to run like a mad-woman.  I didn't run in excess and end up injured and/our burned out.  I just ran, regularly and alot. 

My pace was down quite a bit this month.  On one hand I'm not very happy about that, but I know the reasons why, and really, in the end it's probably another reason why I am not injured at the moment.  I have a new running partner and she is building up her speed & endurance.  From time to time I choose to run at her pace and I'm enjoying it.  We've also done a few "fun runs", the night runs, and pace is not a factor.  That said, I don't want to abandon speed all together, so will work on that.

There were also two races this month and both were run at a decent pace.  Not my best pace, but decent.  I don't have any races on the agenda for quite some time so I'm not so worried about pace right now.  I have a few other goals in mind ... which I will post about tomorrow.

Keep Active!



Teamarcia said...

Great month! You are smart not to worry about pace. We can't always be at our peak right?

Anonymous said...

WOWZERS! Way to rock your running this month. And your yearly mileage goals are great too! So awesome! :)

ajh said...

Sounds like you are doing great with a terrific attitude about it all!

Julie said...

Go Heidi! Go Heidi! Awesome month Chica....you are making me look like a total slacker! You should feel proud of yourself you put in so many miles...keep it up:)

Alicia said...

Heidi! Awesome month! I've yet to run more than 100 miles in a month. That's a lot of miles! Good to see you are still running and kicking butt!

Fran said...

Fantastic month Heidi! Very proud of you, compared to you I'm a turtle runner but hey there's always someone who has to finish last right? That would be me.

Marlene said...

Congrats on the record-breaking month, Heidi! You SHOULD be proud! Here's to November!

Nej said...

Those are great numbers! Awesome month!!

Marcelle said...

wow wowo wow...you are blogs running queen my friend...well done...didnt do anything near the km you did...so cannot even try compete....I did a blog entry about my running...please read and give me advice...am not wanting to stop...but feeling so blah when I do run...