Monday, November 15, 2010

Snuggles with a Snowman

Another great hike!

My son is still injured and was unable to play his game this weekend.  This left me with a bit of unexpected free time, which I took full advantage of.

I squeezed in one more hike up one of our local mountains.  Typically I go up Grouse Mountain via the Grouse Grind, however this time we tried something new and went up an adjacent trail called the BCMC (BC Mountaineering Club) trail. 

Nice trail!  Compared to the Grind, it's not quite as well marked (the GG is idiot proof), but it is easy to follow and there are lots of markers that are easy to spot.  It's more natural, very few man-made steps.  Not quite as steep, or as big of steps, but still very challenging.  I'd say that I prefer it.

The weather is turning here and snow on this trail is imminent.  In fact, any given day you could encounter it going up.  We were prepared to turn around if necessary, and we also came with extra provisions in case of trouble.  As it turned out there was no snow until after we crested the top of the trail and arrived at the Grouse Mountain Chalet.  There was maybe 2-3" of wet snow up there. 

When I saw this cutie pie I just had to get some pics taken with him:

It looks like snow falling, but it's actually just very thick fog.  It felt so festive.  The mountain has just opened up their skating rink up there too.  $8 just to rent skates though - rip off!  I'd rather carry mine up on the hike than spend that. 

I know that I may not get another hike up there this year.  It's usually too much of a time crunch for me, and for every week that goes by the possibility of snow/ice is too real.  I like a challenge, but safety comes first.

Come spring though, I want to be spending alot of time on these (and other) mountains.  I ♥ hiking!

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Fran said...

Great photo of you Heidi, love it.

I can't believe you already have a chance of snow. I hope we don't get it this year, Holland is not a country where there is snow often and we are not prepared for that. So when we had snow last Winter for almost 8 weeks we were "in trouble"

Anonymous said...

great picture! i am sooo not looking forward to snow.

kimert said...

Awesome pic! I'm cold just looking at it though. SO not ready for snow just yet!
If you get a chance make it over to my blog...I've got a giveaway. :)

Marlene said...

Glad you were able to get in another nice hike! And ohmigosh, look at all the SNOW!

Nej said...

That's one thing I really wish we had more of around here...topography! We have lots of rolling hills...but that's about it. They are good for training and running...but not for climbing.

We had our first snow on was awesome!!!!!!!

Susan @ All Things In Moderation said...

That looks awesome! Wish we had snow!

ajh said...

Nice job on the hike. We had a good weekend for getting in some more of those fall activities too!

Jennifer said...

Love the picture. You just made me want to go hiking. Not sure where I would go around here though!


Missy said...

You are TINY! I haven't seen a pic of you lately - and woman you are TINY!!!! Your hard work has definitely paid off.