Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Goals

Sure seems to be taking me long enough to post my goals for 2011.

Alot going on these days and I'm finding it hard to get to the computer for a little quality time :).  I'm considering giving up sleeping.  Good idea???  It's been a busy last few days getting back to work & the kids to school.  To top it off, my boss decided we're moving offices ... tomorrow!  At least I'll be getting lots of activity in packing up the whole thing and moving furniture & boxes.

Without further ado ... here are my goals for 2011!

Run 2011 Kms / 1250 Miles - This year, I will run 2011 Km (aka 1250 miles), along with my buddy Syl who has already pledged to do the same.  And my friend Fran will be joining us with 1011 Kms.  In 2010 I originally planned to run 750 miles, then decided to changed to 1000 miles.  Unfortunately I fell just a hair short on that (943 miles), but I did learn some lessons along the way.  I will NOT fail on this goal this year!

Set some PR's - I want more PRs this year.  I know I have it in me to improve upon my current PR's.  This year there will be more speed work, more hills, more intervals.  I want to improve on everything from the 5K to the half marathon.  The times I'm aiming for are not significantly faster, but I know that even this little bit will be an achievement.

Time goals:
  • 5K - 24:30 ... 7:54/mile  (current 24:53)
  • 10K - 49:59 ... 8:04/mile  (current 50:59)
  • Half Marathon - 1:55:00 ... 8:46/mile  (current unofficial 1:57:??)
  • Grouse Grind - 49:59  (current 50:54)  **mountain hike
Conquer the Half Marathon - I was only able to enter one half marathon in 2010, and it didn't go so great.  I WILL conquer this one this year, and I will do it well too!  This is the one goal that is a MUST for me this year.  If I can pull it off, I'm hoping to do a very special half marathon this year with a fellow blogger.

Cross Training - This year I'm putting more emphasis on cross training - most specifically weights.  Lately when I've done a bit of weight work I feel it ... big time.  This tells me that running alone is not enough.  Also, not that I've had alot of injuries, but the one's I've had, alot can pretty much be pinned on muscle weakness.  Stronger muscles throughtout my entire body will help me run faster.  My butt & abs are usually the first thing to get sore on a challenging run.  That tells me something.   

Along with the weights, I want to venture more.  I've found a fantastic, willing, eager exercise partner who loves to go, go, go ... and I intend to go, go, go.  Once the weather allows, I want to be hiking the mountains more, riding my bike more ... maybe even try kayaking or canoeing for something different.

Lose Weight - For the last year I put very little effort into further weight loss and have even gained a little bit.  That is changing this year.  Dec 26/10 my weight was 153.2 and by the end of 2011 I will be at least 10 lbs under that.  This is going to be an even bigger focus than running this year.  Lower weight generally means faster/easier running so by losing excess weight my running should improve. 

In summary, while running is the most important to me, I'm going to put more effort into other areas of my life which will naturally help the running to improve (weight loss, cross training, running drills).  Last year was mostly about distance covered and nothing else.  That is great, but just covering miles isn't enough for what I want to achieve.

Keep Active!



Katie said...

Awesome! I finally posted my goals as well, I definitely want to set some PRs and conquer the half too!!

Were both gonna rock are goals this year :D

kimert said...

Great goals!!!! Good luck reaching all of them! I know you can do it.

Anonymous said...

great goals for 2011! u r gonna do so well.
just by looking at ur previous PRs, i never realized how fast u r! congrats on that already. i think 2011 will be ur year to conquer! good luck kicking its ass!!! :)

Marlene said...

Awesome!! Great-looking goals for the year. Good luck! Looking forward to following along. :)

Fran said...

I love your goals because they are a lot like my own. I look forward to reaching our running goals and I think you did a fantastic job on your goal of 2010!

I did strength training today for the first time since a few months and my leggs felt so stiff. It made me realize I need this and running isn't enough (like you say too). I hope that this together with Pilates will improve my fitness condition.

Good luck on the goals, I'll be here to support you and cheer for you.

Marcelle said...

Go girl, knowing you, the Running Queen in blogland and the one runner i really admire as you always set goals and always work towards them, never making excuses along the way...thats something I am so trying to get right...for now have no long term goals as I feel disappointed in myself if I dont give 100%, I'm a 100% or nothing girl...
So yes, I know you will reach every goal you have set up for yourself

Syl said...

Thank you for your answer Heidi,
you make my self doubt disappear and you make me want to be not only a better runner but a better person, you have always believed in me and I so don't want to not only disappoint you but myself. So one foot infront of the other and somehow I will make it or alteast give it my all to try to make it.
Your goals are fantastic Heidi and they are in tune with what you have been doing and just trying to do it better which I know you will.
I hope you are able to run that 1/2 too ;-).
Can't wait to see how the year unfolds for you Heidi, I am sure you will set out what you want to achieve and even more!

Teamarcia said...

You are so right: the quality of your runs/drills/hills/XT will payoff in faster times. I keep telling myself weightloss will too--now if only I'd do something about it.
Happy New Year!

ajh said...

Good luck with your goals!

Anonymous said...

Great goals Heidi! I have not gotten around to posting mine yet. Ooops! But I know you are going to do great! :)

Missy said...

Those look like great goals! And definitely reachable PRs if you keep at it. 2011 will be a good year!