Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Little Sleep Deprived

Day 1 of Half Marathon training went well.  At first it felt like it would be a little too easy, but halfway through it was just challenging enough.  Speedwork rocks!

Tonight is an easy 4 miles.  I didn't get enough stretching in last night so that will be a big focus tonight.

I'm am STUPID tired this morning.  My husband does snow removal and we got a decent dump last night.  However, it was to be followed by rain in the morning and alot of the customers were holding out to see if they could get away with the rain washing away the snow.  This meant we were on edge all night, waiting to go - me not going to bed until midnight, my husband finally coming to bed at around 2AM.

Eventually the call to go came at 4:30 AM, which thankfully I was semi-awake to hear as my husband was out cold.  For the next hour I could hear him getting everything ready, then I finally got a short sleep that was disrupted by strange dreams, until I got woken up by a phone call from him at 6:30 with a change of plans and things I had to do.

I'd estimate I got maybe 2 hours of restless sleep, if that.  Gonna be an early night tonight with maybe a nap.  Good thing soccer is cancelled tonight so I don't have anything I have to do. 

My only plans tonight are to make dinner, get in my easy run, stretch, and sleep!

Of course, being this tired my munchies are in overdrive.  I'm going to have to keep reminding myself that food is not the thing that will give me the energy I need.  Chocolate & sugar will NOT help.  I just need to get through the day and then catch up on sleep, that's the only thing that will help.

Keep Active!



ajh said...

I hate nights like that! Hope you catch up on those zzzzs tonight.

Fran said...

That's not a lot of sleep, I can understand you're tired. Take it easy, one step at a time and you will do fine and leave the snacking behind.

Have fun at the run tonight and I hope you have a good night sleep too.

Fran said...

Photo of my shirt will be on my 365 photo challenge next Saturday.

Nej said...

Oh man...nights like that are killer!! You almost wish you'd just stayed up the whole night. You'll sleep like the dead tonight!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I did a short little run last night and not too much stretching after and I can feel it. I really want to focus on stretching too after every run. Have fun on your run tonight. It may just give you extra energy to combat that sleep you missed last night.

Lynsey said...

Get some rest so you don't get sick girl!

Tamara said...

I love that you still do your run, even on two hours sleep. 9 out of 10 people would NOT do that. I hope you sleep like a baby tonight.

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Yes, if I went for sleep instead of food, I'd be better off when I'm pushing it!

Great blog - great progress!

Marlene said...

Hope you made it through your day! I could not function after that kind of night.