Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Venting and a Date

  • Lately I have been SO unbelievably hungry.  Especially the last two weeks I'm just ravenous, HUGE hunger pains.  Not just twinges or cravings, but pain.  I think I'm getting adequate protein, fibre, fat and all that, but yet I feel like I'm constantly starving.  Even with my activity level I'm eating way too much because I can't seem to feel any fullness.  And I've gained weight like crazy this last week.  Sure hoping it has something to do with hormones and it balances itself out SOON!  I could use a few more fresh veggies maybe (though I am still reaching the minimum) ... which leads me to my next point.
  • Why does fresh produce have to be so stupidly expensive and horrible at this time of year?  Broccoli (my favourite) $1.99 per pound.  Cucumbers - $1.99 each.  Red Pepper - $3.49 per pound.  Grapes - $4.59 per pound.  Bananas - .89 per pound.  I do NOT like frozen produce. 
  • Why does meat have to always be stupidly expensive in Canada? 
  • When, oh when, will my local Walmart finally finish becoming a mini Super Walmart.  They've been working on it for a good year now and it doesn't seem much closer to completion.  Walmart, fresh veggies that are usually cheaper than the rest, more groceries to choose from - win-win!  HURRY UP ... I'm getting IM-PA-TIENT!
Tonight I'm having a movie date night with my treadmill.  It's gross and raining.  I have no victims friends to run outdoors with.  I'd have to specifically drive to a safe neighborhood to run.  So it'll be me, 7 or 8 miles with a little speedwork, and a chick flick.  I'm thinking Charlie St. Cloud might be a good one.

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Nej said...

I've never seen Charlie St. Cloud...or even heard about it for that matter. Let me know if it's a good one. :-)

It seems like they can build a full new store in mere seconds, but to do repairs or remodeling takes forever!! :-)

Moi said...

Your niece liked Charlie St. Cloud :)

A warning about the super Walmart...only buy enough produce that you will use that day or the next. It goes bad really fast!! If I want to stock up I go to SOF.

FYI: 1.2 this week :) Another happy dance up here in the snow.

jamie@sweatyhugs said...

Have a great TM Run! We're getting snow again here tonight. :X I have days like that where I'm ravenous too. I usually just try to up my water intake.

misszippy said...

Ugh the treadmill!

I found $1 pints of blueberries this week! Bought four of them. They may have traveled all the way from Chile, but for that price, I'm on it!

Missy said...

I hate how expensive fruit is in the winter. I end up just eating apples because they're cheap. Blah.

Charlie St. Cloud was actually really good! I liked it!

Jennifer said...

I hate how fruits and veggies are never as good in the winter... I know what you mean about going through hunger spells. I have had them before and felt the same way. I hope it passes soon!


Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Yup, veggies and fruits in Hawaii are super expensive too (more than your prices) because we have to get a lot of it shipped to us. It SUCKS! But I gotta have it.

Are your local produce just as expensive?

kimert said...

I feel you on the expensive fruit (and veggies). Prices of most things these days bug me!

Fran said...

I'm not sure about the prices but a few things of your list are about the same price here too. It's stupid because our government recognizes the overweight problem in our country but the prices for healthy products are still too high and the "fat" products are cheap. I prefer to save money on other groceries than on my fruits and veggies but it still is expensive.

Hope the hunger will get less soon, can't be a nice feeling for you to feel this way all the time.