Friday, January 21, 2011

Time To Get Stubborn

If you ask any of my family or close friends I think I could pretty much bet my kid's lives on them all including the word "stubborn" when describing me.  I know my Mom & sister will be laughing and nodding their heads frantically when they read this.

I am stubborn.  Though stubborn isn't always bad.  ;)  Sometimes I'm bad stubborn, but sometimes I'm good stubborn.  If I really believe in something strongly you'd need a bulldozer to move me, and even then good luck! 

Just call me "Little Miss Stubborn".

(You can actually buy this shirt HERE)

Since I've been struggling so much lately I once again pulled out a bunch of my old journals and poured over them last night.  Back in 2001 (yes, I've been at this a while), I had a ton of success - so I concentrated my efforts there. 

What struck me was that for months and months and months I stayed within my Weight Watchers points range.  I was eating substantially less food/points than I am now, and it was enough.  I was exercising at a pretty high level then too - not quite as high, but close enough.  And you know what?  I was just fine.  I didn't die of starvation.  I remember being comfortably full and rarely ever feeling hungry.  I had plenty of energy.  And I lost weight.

There is absolutely no reason for me to be eating as much as I have been lately.  I DO NOT need that much food!  Time to apply this strong personality trait to this area of my life.  I'm starting to get mad and that's gonna fuel this fire.

It's time to get stubborn!

Keep Active!



Missy said...

Good idea to go back to the old journals to see what works! Be stubborn, girl. You can do it!

Moi said...

Definately laughing and nodding frantically lol!

Marcelle said...

LOL...this had me smiling as I can so relate.
I too look at my old journals and often.
I was also thinking the other day that I did so well a year or so ago with my points and lost so much weight, why cant I keep into them and with the Clean eating as well...just feels wrong.

kimert said...

Be stubborn!! I definitely love the shirt. YOu got this girl!!

Syl said...

ha ha. when someone told me Im stubborn, I was like I.AM.NOT, then Peter reminded me of my Santa Shuffle, and I was like "ok maybe a little!".
Its ok to be Stubborn Heidi, it makes life interesting ;-)

Fran said...

It's okay to be stubborn especially in this case. I never kept journals about my weight loss efforts but I did start with it this year and also started a log book for my runs (guess who gave me that idea :) )

I'm actually thinking of quitting WW again. Reason: I'm losing weight, I'm not really following the program, I kind of do it on my own so why would I need to track which is already annoying me again :)

Have a nice weekend Heidi.

Fran said...

By the way: did you see this?

I came across this list through another blog and guess who I found on the list too1

Terri said...

This is a very good and timely reminder, because winter comes and I just want to eat. Lots. Comfort food. But, you're right - I won't starve if I cut back a bit, and I will run better in my spring races if I lose a little weight.

Anonymous said...

You can do it Heidi! Maybe you just need to switch up some of the stuff you are eating and you will feel differently? I've been doing that with my diet and it's crazy how different I feel. But I do know what you mean about being a little more stubborn too. Good luck!

Nej said...

Being angry at myself (for the things I WASN'T doing and the things I WAS eating) is what got my rear in gear. Take that stubbornness and run with it. :-)