Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nap Time

Sometimes you just need a nap!

Today was one of those days.  Didn't sleep so great last night (no reason .. just awake).  Then the day was spent packing up my office and ingesting unhealthy amounts of dust.  When my son's soccer coach called to cancel practice for the night I knew right then that I would also cancel my run plans.  We're getting stupid amounts of rain today, and the next few days, so I really wasn't wanting to run outdoors anyway.  It's been dark all day, drizzly, cold and damp.  And I just couldn't face the treadmill tonight.  Besides ...... I needed a nap!

I hate to get behind in my plan already, but I don't need to be getting rundown and getting sick.  There is no time for that! :) 

Almost 2 hours was spent snuggled in a blanket with the dog in front of the woodstove .... ahhhhhh, HEAVEN!  And now I'm going to turn in early too.  Tomorrow will be a crazy day, hopefully ending with a run.

Is it still too early in winter to be dreaming of warm, sunny, spring & summer days?

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kimert said...

I totally agree! Naps are a good thing and our bodies definitely know when we need one! Have a great day!

Syl said...

you look so peaceful and warm ;-). I love naps, however never get to nap, but did alot of napping on the cruise...calgone take me away ;-).
I have been fighting a stomach flu and been going to bed early,would appear I have alot of running to do on the weekend, hopefully I'm better by tomorrow!
Have a great day Heidi!

Nikki said...

Nope, not too early at all! I'm dreaming of the warmer weather too. And good on you for the nap!

Anonymous said...

im having a crappy day. i want a nap too!

Nej said...

Your dog seems to be looking right at us. (hehehe)

Naps are a good thing. Paying attention to your body, and taking a break when you need it are good things.

Moi said...

You look soooo cozy! We must have been feeling the same way yesterday...I could barely keep my eyes open!
Give Ratdog a tummy rub for me :)

Marlene said...

Sounds like rest was what you needed. You look so COZY!

Marcelle said...

Love that sleeping photo of you look beautiful even in dreamland...cant say the same about mouth hangs open...LOL..ugly sight indeed.
Good that you listened to your body and napped...I do that as well, most times while I watch tv my eyes close and I fall asleep...even with a good nights sleep...the joys of aging...hehehe

Lucy K said...

A nap is something that I wish I could take every day! I am glad you were able to get some rest.

Fran said...

You look so peaceful and I love your dog. I should take a nap more often especially on Saturday after my long run. Usually I can't keep my eyes open at night. I sometimes do it and Bella always jumps on the couch then and lies next to me.

It's only 6 days in the New Year, you're not behind on your plan yet, you'll catch up. Taking care of yourself now is more important.

Take care my friend.