Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crunchy Mistake

A few more better choices, still far from good, but taking it "One Step At A Time".

This morning I had an old favourite - oatmeal with a scoop of peanut butter.  Usually I buy smooth peanut butter, which my son prefers, but I accidentally bought crunchy this time.  YUM!  Quite glad I made THIS mistake.  It's definitely sticking to my ribs!  Maybe a little too much, but that's the leftover feeling from the last few weeks.

This afternoon I plan to get in a short run with a friend.  It will probably only be about 30 minutes, but it's one more step in the right direction.  The sun is out at the moment and I'm looking forward to a little movement!



Marlene said...

I haven't had crunchy PB in years! I may have to give it a try next time.

Anonymous said...

i prefer crunchy. the bf likes the smooth so taht is what i have been buying. but i should switch back.

Fran said...

I don't like the crunchy PB, I'm like your son :)

Hope your run went well but more importantly that you enjoyed it.

Marcelle said...

I LOVE ALL PEANUT BUTTER...smooth and crunchie and had to change to the organic brand which is not nearly as nice tasting but with all the bad stuff I have no choice....getting used to the new taste.

Enjoy your run,.....30 mins is better than nothing I say!!!

Missy said...

Oh crunchy PB in the oatmeal would be good!! Great idea.

Have fun on the run today. I'll be doing a 30 minute walk/run this afternoon. We'll be virtual running buds ;o)

Nej said...

Creamy PB gal here! :-)