Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Few More Steps

One more step ... or should I say 3.5 miles of steps :)

Did a little run with a friend last night.  It was a gorgeous afternoon and perfect running weather.  We chose a local trail and while it was beautiful, it was much too hilly for my current condition.  Unfortunately my hamstring that was previously injured is NOT happy with me now.  GRRR!  I couldn't possibly rest it more.  I don't know why I keep having an issue with this.

If I don't run too far, too fast, too often, or on too many hills it seems to be OK. 

This scares me.  Am I destined to not run again?  I enjoy walking & biking .. but I love to run. 

I'd hoped to do another short run tonight, but think it might be best to just do a walk.  It's sunny again today and I HAVE to get out in that one way or another.

Good choices yesterday:  oatmeal, salad for lunch, added veggies to soup @ dinner, felt a hunger signal!!
Bad choices yesterday:  PB cookie dough (almost gone), crispy instead of grilled chicken on salad @ lunch, Mr Noodles for dinner (taste SO good, so bad for you)

Getting a little better everyday.



Marlene said...

Congrats on the good choices and awesome getting in a run. Not so awesome on the hammy. :(

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Great job on the run, Heidi! Your blog is aptly named :)

I'm trying to walk a fine line between doing what I want to do (training for the marathon) and listening to my body (pain in the knee). Any advice about this?

As for your question about Nutella and the long run, it worked well. It helps that I like the stuff, and thinning it out with milk was helpful to eat it quickly. Like most of those energy gels/shots, a big drink of water or Gatorade was key.

Was it too sugary? No, not for me - I sort of liked it/ needed the sugar. But then again, I am a big-time "sugar worm" :)

Keep at it, my friend!

Missy said...

Sorry your facing trouble with your hamstring. You'll be running again, I'm sure! Good choices on the eats too!!

Anonymous said...

Well dear Daughter, I know exactly how you feel after reading your blog from a few days ago because all those doughnuts, bacon and egg breakfasts, cookies, cakes, etc have come back to haunt me as well. I also gained at least 8 lbs this winter and today is the day I kick this excess eating in the ba... Enough is enough. I just cannot keep up to your dad and I have to learn to say no again. First a TOPS then a KOPS and now a FLOP Have to get back to square one and learn to say no again and get more fruits, veggies and water back into my lifestyle, too. Love ya.

Marcelle said...

I know all too well about those dreaded hills and when I start off after slacking for a while I have to walk them ~ then as I get fitter I use those hills to judge my fitness level...if I can run them I know I am improving.
But very slowly I take them!!

Did you get out for your 2nd run yesterday....

Fran said...

Could it be your hamstring is playing tricks on you because it has been a while since you've ran? Maybe it will get better once you're back at running regularly?

I'm happy for you you did get back to running.

You will get back to where you want to be: exercise and foodwise.