Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Step 1 - Awareness

It wasn't pretty, but I got 'er done!

Step one in a comeback is awareness and acceptance of the situation.  Yesterday was both.  Everything I ate was recorded in a journal.  It was NOT pretty ... but it was there.  You'd think after writing that post yesterday that I would have had a stellar day.  You'd think it would not have been a day that included consuming about 500 calories in cookies.  You'd be wrong.

However .... it was ALL recorded.  And for that I feel a little bit of pride, a little bit of control, and lot of awareness ... and I feel like this is step one.

Today I will record everything again.  And I will make a few better choices.  Then tomorrow I'll probably make a few more better choices.  Things will start snowballing in the proper direction.  I can feel it!



Marlene said...

Definitely a BIG step in the right direction.

Fran said...

What Marlene says: a big step in the right direction.

You took the first step, from here on it will be easier and easier.

I'm proud of you Heidi for taking this step.

Lynsey said...

You know what to do. Just like I do. Now lets do it!

Syl said...

"one step at a time"

Anonymous said...

u can do it!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Think of it as "detox", Heidi. I think it's smart to break it down into parts and steps instead of going cold turkey.

Awareness is a HUGE part, especially if you've been eating with abandon/purposely being unaware (or at least, that's what I have a big tendency to do...).

You're reeling it back in - one step, one meal, one snack, one minute or second at a time.

You'll find your footing again - you're already on your way.

The nice thing is that usually the first step is the hardest, and now you've already done that!!!

Missy said...

Love the attitude! Awareness is a HUGE part of it. Seeing the big picture can help us make the small decisions that bring about change. Love it.

Nej said...

That's the spirit!!!!!

ajh said...

Love the poster. And yeah - you can do it. Never easy and we all back slide. I certainly have been.

Amy said...

Good job on getting started with the journal! My eating habits have been going down hill lately. I've been trying to blame the weather, and winter dragging out in Northern BC, but a little voice keeps telling me that I'm responsible for what I put in my body - not the weather gods! Good luck!

Marcelle said...

YIP, I know when you decide, you do...so not expecting any less from you...x