Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bootcamp times TWO!

Last night was my bootcamp class. Every week the instructor tells us that we're welcome to stay for the 2nd class if we want to. Everyone else rolls their eyes and says "yeah right!". But me ... well the idea has been milling around for a while. Almost just to see how I would do.

So yesterday I posted on a forum I'm on that I was going to stay and do the 2nd class.

I got to class and first thing ... the parking lot is FULL - like crazy full. Apparently the local hockey club was having their team photos done. I eventually find parking and then fight my way towards the room that we always start in. As I get there, the instructor & class are heading out the door. Apparently because of this hockey thing, the room we were use was locked up and unavailable. The city is horrible about anything that happens at this facility (poor equipment, communication ... ).

One thing I can say about my instructor is she is amazingly adaptable. Whatever curveball she is thrown, she will catch and toss right back. So we head out to a side parking lot and gravely field to do our class. But she has another surprise for us. She has another instructor with her who wanted to watch over the class (and co-instruct) because she will be teaching a few of the sessions in the future. Right off the bat I don't care for this woman. Apparently she's very hard core (which is fine) but I get the sense that there is not a warm bone in her body. She tells us that she makes her students count out every rep - out loud - and we're not allowed to stop until we do. I can promise you right now she will NOT get me to do that. If I wanted to count out loud I'd be an instructor. I do think you should be ABLE to count for yourself, I just don't see why I should be forced to do it out loud. But the class was pretty good considering the conditions. We did lots of running to warm up. Then we ran flights of stairs. Although, again here, this other instructor rubbed me wrong. I had left for a moment to go the bathroom and when I came back I asked someone how many flights of stairs we needed to do each set - and was told ONE. When I came to the other set of stairs I noticed people were doing multiple sets, so I asked the instructor what we were supposed to be doing and she told me FOUR sets. Then the other instructor said I was lucky she wasn't in charge because she makes her students do push-ups or something for not doing the right amount. My blood boiled. I am NOT a slacker - ever! And I said as much too. I always push as hard as I can, much harder than most of the students. Then near the end of class (after doing sprints, lunges, push-ups, dips, bicep curls, squats...) this "other" instructor takes over and tells us all to get down on the ground for sit-ups. Now I'm not a wussy, but this was a dirty, dusty field covered with tons of rocks and twigs, and in odd places bits of glass. I just thought it was SO stupid. I actually got down after a few minutes and did a few sit-ups, but then I got up and said this was crazy and I went and did a plank against a curb instead. I'm thinking if this other instructor comes back to lead a class we are going to butt heads!

Anyhow, even after all of that, I stayed for the 2nd class. Partly because I'd had a slack couple of days, but mostly because I had already said to my online friends that I would (ahh the power of accountability). I think I actually shocked my instructor - I don't believe she really expected I would stay. I think I may have shocked the other instructor as well because not only did I stay, but I definitely pushed it harder than anyone in that class. I can't believe the difference between that group of people and the ones in my group.

I did well with eating yesterday. I had posted my intended meals on that forum as well and managed to stick to it. This is a great little victory for me. Now I just need to keep it up.

Tonight I'm making chicken enchiladas for dinner. Not really the lowest calorie meal I could have, but I will keep portion size small. The big challenge tonight will be that I have to bake. I volunteered to supply something for a cake walk at school. I tried to pick up something premade at the grocery store yesterday so I could avoid the temptation (homemade baked goods do me in!), but there just wasn't really anything suitable. So I'm stuck baking. :(

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Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

You are DEDICATED! talk about walkin' the walk, wow!