Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Temporarily on Hold

We apologize for the inconvenience, however this blog has temporarily been on hold. :)

Work is crazy right now. Life is crazy right now. Something has to give.

Normally my work is a pretty boring place, especially in recent years. However, at the moment I have to organize a shipment of a 40' container to Sweden that contains well over 100 different items. I have to look up each item individually and assign it with these stupid tariff codes for customs. It's amazing how much they can break items down - and honestly I don't believe in the end it really makes that much difference. Even when you go to the border, those guys guess half the time. But ... it has to be done. It's painfully boring and slow work.

Then at home I also have all of our company bookkeeping to do and as it's a new company it's slow going to make sure it's all set up correctly.

But ... tonight I start another new session of bootcamp. Which means I'll be going twice a week for the next 6 weeks. This is at a different location with a different instructor. There is a massive set of bleachers there so I imagine that will be a BIG part of our workout. I'm quite excited, though a bit nervous about who the instructor will be.

Sunday I got out for a really nice long run by myself. The trails were super, super busy and I had the dog with me. But now my foot is bugging me again. I probably should rest it, but I don't want to (whiny baby).

I had ventured away from tracking for a few weeks and what do you know ... I put on a couple pounds. Though that's coupled with impending TOM so I'm not too concerned. A couple days ago I brought out my trusty notebooks again and am writing everything down - no matter if it's good, bad or ugly. I've made myself spreadsheets in Excel, I've used online journals, I've posted on forums ..... but I think the thing that works for me best is the little dollar store notebooks and a pen by my bed.

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Susan said...

The notebook and pen work best for me too ! I am not good at guessing ! Hope things calm down for you soon !