Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This morning I woke up just feeling gross. The last few days have been so filled with salty foods and boy, oh boy, am I ever feeling it. I even took off my rings the other morning because they were bothering me. My husband took me for lunch yesterday at a little local Mexican restaurant (OMG so good!). Even though I've learned to eat way less at these places, they still leave me so bloated. I weighed myself this morning and that was a big mistake because the scale is showing me up almost 4 lbs - yikes! I know it's temporary and most of it should be gone next week, but still, I almost (for a brief few minutes) felt defeated today. Then I got reading on various boards & blogs and remembered that I'm in this for life, no matter what!

Just sometimes it's frustrating when I work so hard to have minimal losses and more often than not to just maintain my weight. And the odd times when I go overboard the pounds just pile on, and the cycle starts again. 2-3 days of slight overeating gives me a gain that takes 2-3 weeks to take off again. Sometimes I almost feel like a fraud when I give others advice about weight loss/healthy eating/exercise. Really, ya, I lost 20-something pounds over a year ago, but since then I just bounce around the same numbers and nothing really changes. I should feel proud that I did lose that weight and keep it off, but some days ....... Anyhow, my train of thought has improved since first thing this morning and is much more positive now.

We had a pretty big windstorm last night. My husband and I were going to go out on the trails for a run, but he deemed it too dangerous. Then he needed me to go get some building supplies for him and by the time I got back it was too late to exercise. Well, not entirely true. If I had exercised I would have missed The Biggest Loser and I wasn't willing to do that. Though I probably should have missed the first half because a big part of it was devoted to the return of players eliminated at the beginning of the season and Ron's time in the hospital - which I just couldn't give 2 hoots about.

Saw this recipe today posted at Kalyn's Kitchen for Asian Lettuce Cups. This is definitely a recipe I want to try as I had these in a restaurant a couple weeks ago and they are amazing.

Also, over at Prior Fat Girl, Jen is giving away PopChips. Mmmm, they sound very good. Of course, being Canadian, I can't get them here, but I've already done a search on their website to find out where I can find these little treats. Sure we have Baked Lays here, which are pretty good, but not the flavours these guys have. I'm thinking that the Salt & Pepper would be my choice.

2 more sleeps until I see my parents. 4 more sleeps until my next race. Looking forward to both those events.


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

uh, sometimes I dream of licking a salt block. Ok, not really but I think I must want to because I LOVE SALT! I have been trying to cut back but when I have popcorn, all bets are off!

I'm doing my first 5K on Saturday and am very scared because it's only going to be betwee 30-40 degree's and I'm so cold all the time anyways. Pray for me, pray I am not found .25 miles before the finish line frozen in the fetal position!

syl said...

Good Luck on your race Heidi! I can't wait to hear all about it!