Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January Recap


Was back at the Dr this afternoon for a follow up.  Things are looking good.  He massaged my foot and calf and there was very little discomfort which he said is very good.  The hip was quite uncomfortable but he said it's doing what it should to heal.  He said just a couple more sessions and I should be fine.  Plus he gave me some good stretching tips, including to hold stretches for quite a long time, until you feel the muscle release.  He said 30 seconds is a bare, BARE minimum and 2+ minutes could easily be necessary - especially in a trouble area.

I should mention that this is a Chripractor/Massage Therapist in an office that has a high volume of sports related clientele.  So they really get wanting to work through issues without complete bed rest if possible.  A standard doctor would just give you a prescription and tell you to stop running.  Which is fine if that's what is necessary, but if there's a problem that needs fixing, drugs & rest alone aren't going to do it.


About a week ago my husband decided to start the renovation on our ensuite.  End of January and he takes the ceiling, walls and insulation out of the room adjoining our bedroom.  Who does that??? Let me tell ya ... that's a cold sleep!  The wind was blowing right through.  I thought my nose would fall off at times. 

So Friday I had to finish filing a tax report and when I was done I figured on mostly relaxing for the weekend. Saturday morning I went out for a couple hours and came home to everything being removed from my bedroom. 

Turns out there was a problem that lead him to have to do some framing work in the bedroom.  So EVERYTHING had to be removed from the room.  Then they tore down all the drywall and insulation - what a mess! 

The first night we slept at my in-laws next door.  But last night we set up our mattress in the front living room.  It's going to be at least a few weeks.

Today I came home and the exterior wall is gone, as is the interior wall. 

And my husband and son had framed up my walk-in closet (that'll be nice!!). 

It was SO cold when I got home from work.  But thankfully my son put up a layer of plastic to keep the cold out.  Much better now.

It's going to be an interesting time around here for a while as we have lots of renovations to do.  We've been living with this very outdated walls & carpet for a LONG time.  It'll still be a while yet til that's gone, but the progress has begun.
  JANUARY 2010

# of runs:  14

Distance:   ......66.3 Miles / 106.6 Kms 
Monthly Goals:  55 Miles / 88.5 Kms

Longest Distance:  10.2 Miles / 16.3 Kms  (1:32:10)
Fastest Pace:  .....7:54 min/Mile / 4:55 min/Km / 7.6 mph - on a 3.1 Mile/5K run
Average Pace: .....8:52 min/Mile / 5:31 min/Km / 6.8 mph

Summary:  I'm super happy with what I achieved in January.  I was hoping to run more often, but with the injury I took some extra rest days.  I exceeded my distance goal by 20% (which I was sort of aiming for) and I'm pretty happy with my pace.

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!!!



Tricia said...

Glad youre improving. Good luck with the renovations!

Syl said...

renos....GRRR.....hope it's finished fast!

Great work meeting your goals Heidi!

ajh said...

Good luck with renovations. They can be hard to get through. But a walk in closet sounds great!

Tamara said...

You're doing so great Heidi. That's excellent progress. I had my bed in the living room for a little while. It was kind of fun. Reminded me of my studio apartment when I was in University. :)

Marcelle said...

Gosh those are huge renovations Heidi....but going to be so good when its all done. Your bedroom is huge!!

Keep those training hours going..You inspire..ME!!

Michelle said...

Yes, a sports minded doc makes all the difference - I have learned my lesson with that one as well. Glad you are starting to feel better!

Oh my stars on those pictures! Good luck with the reno!

Missy said...

Holy renovation! That's crazy. Hope you can survive the bed in the living room ;o)

Great job getting so much distance covered on your runs in January! That's awesome!