Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sabotage and Encouragement

Sometimes I hear people say that it's hard for them to lose weight because (insert person of choice) sabotages them.  Maybe their Mom or friend insists on serving unhealthy foods.  Or maybe their husband just is not interested in eating better or exercising.  Or their husband/sibling/roommate, etc. insists on having junk food in the house.

Yes - those are challenges!  But it's up to us to make the right decisions.  Ultimately we are the one's who decides what goes in our mouth.  We are the person who chooses to exercise.

In a perfect world everyone around us would eat healthy, nutritious foods and we would never be tempted to eat things that aren't so good for us.  This is NOT a perfect world - get over it!

My husband is 100% supportive of my healthy lifestyle.  He frequently exercises with me (as much as his schedule allows).  He never tries to talk me out of a workout.  He actually enjoys eating healthier foods and other than veggie hamburgers or tofu, he's pretty much game to try anything.  If he wants pizza and I tell him that I want stir fry instead, he's always game.

But ... he's got a sweet tooth!  He loves his candies.  And he loves a good sale after a holiday (Christmas, Valentine's, Easter).

I had to ask him yesterday if he suddenly has a motive to sabotage me.  This is PART of what he has brought home in the last week (all 75% off - yaaaaa - NOT!)

oh, and a 40 pack of Timbits...

There was also a large tub of ice cream (which the kids made into frosty's), another large heart of the most decadent Lindor chocolate, some smarties ....

Do you know how hard all this is to resist? 
Of course you do, pretty much anyone would struggle with this.

But, it's up to me to decide and choose what I need.  Can I say that I've not touched even one of these treats?  No, I can't.  Can I say that I've had a bit in limited moderation?  YES - most definitely!  Can I say that by having recently set obtainable goals looming in my head have kept me from overindulging in this sick overabundance of treats?  AB-SO-FRICKING-LUTELY!!!!!!

If it wasn't for the goals I've set and that I review them on a daily basis I would have had SO much more of this crap than I've had.

And hmmmmm .... how's that little project going?

Weekly loss GOAL  - 0.8 lbs
ACTUAL weekly loss - 2.2 lbs

Yes - 2 point 2 POUNDS!!!!!!!

OK, just a little happy with that!

So while my husband may be the most likely in my life to sabotage me (with his ever present candy addiction) he is also the most likely to encourage me and push me to reach my goals.  Kind of my own personal devil on one shoulder, angel on the other.

Last night he said, "Set the alarm early and we'll go out for a run in the morning."

So we did!  This morning we woke up to a drizzly, dark morning and headed out for an 8 mile run.  The start was horrid and I questioned my sanity frequently in the first two miles.  I was so slow and could not get it into gear.  Can you believe that he actually compared himself to Tommy Europe at one point?  He was trying to get me to pick up my pace and I barked at him to leave me alone.  He said Tommy Europe doesn't back off and he's my personal Tommy Europe (ohhhh gooodiiieeeee - remember this from Scar in The Lion King? - what a great movie). 

I told him last night about my plans to run home after the race this weekend (which he is racing too).  He said "and how do I get home?"  I said, "You can drive."  He was upset that I hadn't included him.  I think we'll see if one of his parents can give us a lift there and then we'll jog home together - if time allows for him.  But either way, I think I'm going to go for it.  It will be a good test for me.  It should make the half easy by comparison.

Have a great day!



Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

oh good Lord! I would not do well in your house after a holiday! I'm so lucky Carlos does not like sweets or chocolates or sugary stuff. SO LUCKY.

But...I'm excited to hear your hubby still works out with you!

Syl said...

I laughed at the tommy europe comment, the other day we were doing kempo (which I hate, it's like a kick and box type work out) and Peter says "if you are not going to give it your all you might as well call it a day" this pissed me off just enought to finish, i was doing my best and giving it my all but I found it challenging!


Great work on the run this morning, what a wonderful way to start the day!

Missy said...

Ok, after seeing all the yummy candy, my plane ticket is booked and I'm on my way ;o)

That would be really hard to say no to if it was in the house! Good luck with that.

Congrats on an amazing loss this week!

kimert said...

I would die with just the box of donut holes. My weakness. Ahhh! But good for you for being so strong and only indulging in moderation!

You've reminded me that I need to reflect on my goals daily. That might definitely help me reach my goal much faster. Currently I think of my goals at the start of a new week, not so good!

kimert said...

Oh and I changed my blog title/url so if you want to change it in your reader here it is...

It still says in your blog roll that I posted 3 wks ago. Ha! Thanks! :)

Gina said...

My boyfriend is finally getting on track with working out and making healthier food's so nice to be able to spend time together at the gym and cooking meals at home. He's a fabulous cook but has a bit of a heavy had with the oil and butter and has been cutting back on that a bit! He even bought organic snacks the other day:)

Continuous Changes said...

Wow! My Boyfriend is the same way! He loves loves loves candy! Thankfully, he likes fruity candy and I like chocolate :) So, I am able to resist easily. I wish he would run with me every once in a while though.

Teamarcia said...

Rock the house that is great progress! Kudos to you for resisting those evil sweets. I have no off switch if I start with that crap.

ajh said...

I would be all over those doughnut holes. AFter my recent half I had a glazed doughnut. I would love to say that is all I had but I would be lying lying lying. Good for you sticking to those goals!

kimert said...

thanks, heidi!! No big deal. I wasn't sure if you had changed it or might have told me you did, but I suffer from a bad case of "mommy brain!" lol have a great night! :)

Tamara said...

Is it bad that I want your husband? I think so.

Ummm, last I checked there were no SALES on Timbits. What's his excuse for bringing those home, huh?

I cannot be in the same house with Lindor. I can barely type right now tinknig ov dat lushus creeemy senter. Hopeless.

Sarah said...

Wow...he does have a sweet tooth! I have to admit, I LOVE After 8 mints. I try and limit how many sweets I buy, but I always have some chocolate in the house. I try and keep it to one small piece a day. :)

Fran said...

What a great supportive husband you've got.

Unfortunately mine can't run due to an accident on which he broke his foot a few years ago. But he's supportive in my weight loss journey. He never complaines if we're eating dinner later because I want to go to the gym first. He goes with me to races I signed up for.

He loves his sweets too but he is considerate enough to not eat them in my face on weekdays. Only on Sunday afternoons and I have to admit that I eat some chocolate then too.

Great run by the way!

Michelle said...

Sweet husband! So sweet that he wants to run with you!

If my husband brings home candy, it gets hidden in a cabinet. My weakness is baked goods and I love to bake, so I've had to cut it all out.

However, I try to remember how awful I feel after I eat it - physically, not mentally. I don't handle fatty foods very well anymore after eating healthy. That helps.

Good luck on the race!