Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Recap

Successful Weekend!

Ahhhh ... I can so feel it right now.  Every time my hand wanders to something it shouldn't, my brain kicks in and I remember my goals.  I'm gonna get there, I can feel it!

Friday I went out for a road run.  My little dog Tia came along and was off and on - sometimes I was dragging her, other times she was ahead - makes for a very interesting run.  On my 4th mile I decided to do some fartleksReal runners won't laugh when they read that .... OK guess I'm not a real runner - hhahaha.  Come on, can there not be a better word for those?  I picked out a power pole and kicked it into high gear until the next pole (sometimes I did two poles), then slowed the pace for the next couple poles.  I did this for a mile.

Then the fifth mile I tried to run steady hard for the whole mile.  The last mile was painful, as in annoying.  I reached the driveway at 5.2 miles so decided to run past home to get in that last mile.  However Tia KNOWS where we live and she wanted to go home - I didn't.  She loves to go out and she loves to go home.  So for the next mile she kept putting on the brakes.  Her collar came off FOUR times in half a mile - GRRR!  But then we turned around and she was all for sprinting home.

Here's my splits:
  • mile 1 - 8:29
  • mile 2 - 8:46
  • mile 3 - 8:55 (big hill)
  • mile 4 - 8:16 (fartleks)
  • mile 5 - 8:14
  • mile 6 - 8:23
  • last 0.2 - 1:28 - 7:13 pace
Distance - 6.2 miles
Time - 52:34
Average Pace - 8:28

I'm pretty happy with that!

Right after that I had a quick shower then my MIL treated me to a nice pedicure.  The woman who did it was awesome!  I was there for about an hour and a half and she worked on me the whole time - for $35. 

I got pretty HOT pink polish!

Yes, I have Flintstone feet (thanks Dad),
but they DO carry me on my runs so I don't hate them.

I also went down to the running store this weekend and REGISTERED FOR MY FIRST HALF MARATHON!!!!  YAY!!!!  March 13th!  It finally feels real.  I can't wait.

While there I bought myself a couple little goodies.

When I ran on Friday it was pretty warm and I wore a tank top (I LOVE this winter!).  Got a little rub on one arm, which I remember getting last year quite often.  So I finally got me some Glide.  I haven't tried it yet.

On Sunday my husband and I went out for another run together.  We took along the Sharkies and I put the Ultima Orange into my water.

The Ultima was great.  I don't know that I noticed any difference from it, but it tasted good and wasn't sweet.  It just has a very slight flavour to it.  I want to try some other products, but so far this gets the thumbs up.

The Sharkies ... hmmmm!  They taste awesome!  We had a couple before we left and it was hard not to eat the whole bag.  Around 6 miles into our run I figured we'd have a couple more and see what we thought.  The verdict ... a little annoying!  Maybe it takes some practice and skill but chewing while running is awkward and it seemed to take forever to get them down.  They kind of gum up in your mouth.  We both thought the same thing.  The search continues ....

When we started out it was 2°C/35°F and there was a thin layer of ice on the ditch water.  We've been having highs of 15°C/59°F, so this feels pretty cold.  I felt frozen!  The sun was also shining and it was promising to be quite warm, so I had dressed light (by the end it was up near the projected high and I'd stripped down to my tank).  The first couple of miles I felt like a running popsicle and it showed in my pace.  But then it warmed up and my husband started pushing me.  I think our 10K time was just over 53 minutes.

I'm quite excited to do a 10K road race this year .. though I don't know when my next one will be.

All in all a successful weekend and I feel great!

Hope everyone had a good weekend too!



ajh said...

You had some awesome paces. Good luck on that half marathon. I bet you will have a blast!

Tamara said...

Do you know when I get to run in 15 degrees around here? June. That's right. June. I am soooo living in the wrong province!

Love the pink toes. I need a pedicure so bad. You might have Flintstone feet... mine look like Shrek.

Sounds like an awesome weekend Heidi. Way to go on the runs. The dog is a challenge, no? :P

Syl said...

great color choice Heidi!

Congrats on signing up for the half, I can't wait to hear how you do, somehow I love that you are doing yours before me because I have always looked up to you and know that once you get yours done I 'll be able to do mine!

Michelle said...

Awesome pace! Congrats on signing up for the half!! You will do great!

My dogs are the same way when we try to run. So, I can imagine how funny it is.

Teamarcia said...

You are a real runner, come on, own it! I still call them 'pickups' or 'speed intervals' instead of fartleks.
Congrats on the 1/2! Woot!

Missy said...

You are such a runner! I love it. Can I move to Canada for awhile and train with you!??!

Cute nails!!

Ashlee Wetherington said...

awesome job with the runs. you're a star! i'm going to be trying out cliff gel packs for the first time this weekend... i'm nervous!

kimert said...

Great paces on that run! You rock!!!
Love those pink piggies! ;)

Gina said...

Wow what a great run! I bet the pedicure felt amazing on your feet afterward!

Fran said...

Seems you have about the same weather as we do. I went running on Sunday and it was also that same temperature. Right now at daytime it's around 10C which seems warm after the cold we've had :)

Congrats on signing up for your first half marathon. Must indeed be very exciting.

Fran said...

Oh ..... and I love a pedicure :)