Monday, February 1, 2010

The Dr says .... RUN!

It's been a busy weekend and other than posting a few comments, I haven't had much time online. 

Friday I went to see the Dr about my foot/hip issues.  He definitely thinks they are related, but time will tell.  He thinks the issues I'm having are due to VERY tight calf muscles.  And, because my left foot slightly overpronates, the more miles I put on, the more stress I put on it. 

There is a muscle that runs along the inside of your calf, then around the back and underneath of your ankle bone and then attaches at the bottom of your foot.  This is the muscle that he says is extremely tight. 

He said if it weren't for the unbalance issue with my left foot, that I easily could have had this problem with either, or both feet.  As the muscles tighten, they pull on the bottom of my foot - and as it gets tighter, the pain continues up the inside of my leg.  If ignored, the pain will keep going higher and higher, and eventually could lead to major problems.

He did a pretty thorough massage of my foot & calf and when he pressed in the area that he said was the biggest problem it really hurt.  That night it was quite achy, felt like a bruise.

And while massaging my hip he noted that my IT Band was also VERY tight.  He was surprised that I hadn't had issues with it and said I need to pay alot more attention to that area.

He told me to definitely run this weekend and I have another appt with him today to see the affects.  And I'm to do lots of stretching after my runs and for the next while ice for a good 20 minutes afterwards if possible. 

So ... run I did!!!  And it felt great.  After a stressful, busy week and no running I couldn't wait to get out (and play with my Garmin).

Saturday I took the dog and we ran downtown.  First off ... I don't enjoy running in the city.  Sidewalks, street posts that the stupid dog runs around and gets caught, stop lights - very disruptive!  But it still felt good to get out.  I ran a very casual 4 miles/6.3 Km.  Afterwards my foot felt a bit sore but not as bas as it's been, but my hip was fairly achy.

Sunday I had grand plans of going into town early and meeting up with the running room group .. but I'd had a busy night and a so-so sleep and when the alarm went off I thought no way.  However, late in the afternoon I went out and had a great run - 3.1 miles/5K at an average pace of 8:34/mi - 5:20/km - 7 mph.  It felt awesome!  My foot is still feeling really good, but I think the hip is worse.  Guess we'll see what the Dr. says today.

I've got some pictures to post of what we were up to this weekend, and a recap of January, but I'll leave that for tomorrow - as well as an update from the Dr.

But before I leave ya ..... there is an awesome giveaway in blogland right now:

Running Skirt Giveaway at Endurance Isn't Only Physical

Unfortunately one of the conditions of this giveaway is to mention it on my blog - heeheeee.  I wish I didn't have to because I SOOOO want to win one of these skirts.  I drool over this skirt site once in a while when I'm bored at work.  So I'm really hoping to win!

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!!!



Syl said...

you can't win because I want to :-)

Glad that you are ok heidi!

Tricia said...

Ok syle and heidi...if you dont win this week you'll have four more chances. :)

Did I make that clear in my post? I'm giving a skirt away each weekend for 5 weeks.

Heidi-hope the foot/hip issue gets better.

Nikki said...

Have you tried 'rolling' your IT band on a foam roll? Sometimes it can really help loosen things up.

Tamara said...

Sounds like you've got a great doctor. No matter what it is, it's good to know what's going on. I love the new pink background by the way!

Marcelle said...

I'm really happy for you that you are able to run - and boy did you run...your casual runs are my regular are the running queen amongst blogland
Take care and do the stretching and

Michelle said...

Yep - gotta love that IT band. Same here - the stretching really does help over time. I've been doing it for a couple of days now & it feels 80% better after running.

Glad you are able to run and got some good news! Have fun with that Garmin!

Stephanie said...

Yay! It must have felt really good to get a run in.

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kimert said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Syl is great! :)
What you described with your calf sounds very much like an issue I am having with my right foot/leg/calf. I swear I pronate differently on the foot than my other and it's causing me issues! I plan to get to the dr to get this figured out though. I love you blog!