Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 1 of the challenge was a success! (hey gotta celebrate every little success, right??!!) I did slightly break one of my rules by having 2 sweet treats yesterday, but I stopped myself before I went any further. And I followed all the other rules. Plus I got all my OP elements in.

Got a bunch of stuff to do today and with all the rain I don't even want to face 1/2 of them. UGH! If I could stay in the entire day today I would :). Well except getting my haircut - that I really want done - even if I have no idea how I want it cut. I just want a bunch off, sick of it hanging in my face. It's gotten way too long.

I recently read some things in that Kathy Smith book I've been reading. With everything I went through last month with ending that friendship I had, this really struck home:

"Our friendships are, in many ways, mirrors of who we are. The people we choose to surround ourselves with for fun and recreation, for companionship and company, reflect our values and interests."

" have the power to improve your life by changing your relationship to health and fitness - one step at a time. Let your feet lead the way. It doesn't matter what diets or programs you've failed at in the past. We'll leave them there, where they belong. Forget about any therapies or self-help groups you may have tried and abandoned for lack of success. Put aside your skepticism. All the evidence you need is right in front of you: Changing nearly every aspect of your life - becoming who you'd like to be - is as easy as making a choice. That's all. You can do it! You have the powed!"

"Achieving good healt and an optimum weight is not a concrete goal that can be reached as easily as multiplying two times two, because factors change constantly in our lives; we have to understand that the process is ongoing; it never ends. We're always fine-tuning and adjusting for circumstances."

"Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, one step at a time. Follow the program and good things will happen."

I love how she often refers to "one step at a time" which is what I've named my blog - hahha. But I really do believe in that. And I've really come to believe what she says about friendships being mirrors of who we are. I'm coming to understand that my weight management IS a life long process. There was a time when I wished/hoped/thought that I just needed to lose the weight and all would be fixed. I've often wished that I would just change and never have to think about it again. But history will tell me that it couldn't be any clearer that that isn't realistic. I will ALWAYS have to be aware, always have to stay active and pay attention to my weight and my health habits. That's just a fact of life and I may as well learn to enjoy it along the way, which I am doing.

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Lisa aka water_nymph said...

Heidi i love love love the new hair!!!

you look absolutely fabulous!!!!